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This Patreon was created to help the Wife Trainer Files community to help support me as I expand my cheat and debugging mod; create new mods ; develop tools ; write wikiswalkthroughs and guides ; and answer questions regarding the game. My cheat and debugging mod allows you to do anything you can do with the console but without typing any commands. It gives you complete access to alter nearly anything in the game. Need more money? Need infinite energy? Want to set replay a one-off scene from a client? Set the variables and tags required and Done.

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My mod is far more complex than any other "cheat" mod for the game, but it takes a lot of time expanding my mod, in fact the majority of my free time. In order for me to continue expanding my mod, create new mods ; develop tools ; write wikiswalkthroughs and guides ; and answer questions regarding the game, I need your financial support. Regarding wikis : a game wiki is in active development and a mod wiki index of Wife Trainer Files Mods and a modding wiki is planned to be developed.

Once all the wikis are done, I will focus mainly on writing guides and walkthroughs and answering questions regarding game play. Regarding tools : an interactive image viewer and an interactive scene viewer is planned to be developed. So if any of my current or planned projects is something you want, please do consider supporting me, so I can support the community. Web server Upgrade Better : With a more powerful web server available, the tools and wikis will blazing faster and development of those wife trainer game wiki speed up as well. Become a patron to Recent posts by Semeicardia WifeTrainer.

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Wife trainer game wiki

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