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We tried to pick a little something for everyone here. Let us know which are your favorites down below! Lovecraft, Cthulhu, and giant robots are your thing, then Deus Machina Demonbane is a great start into adult visual novels. Set in an alternate universe in Arkham City, Daijuuji Kurou is thrust into a horrific world of supernatural intrigue as he searches for a way to save Arkham and the world. As a game Deus Machina Demonbane is light on interactivity.

Like most adventure games there are choices to be made, but beyond that the player experiences this one via reading. The visuals and music are what make this game a stellar example of an immersive visual novel. With a twisted aesthetic worthy of the Lovecraftian allusion, this is a game worth investing the dozens of hours necessary to experience it all.

And yes, this is an adult game. Saya no Uta deals with some intensely disturbing ideas, none of which are anything close to family-friendly. The protagonist, Fuminori Sakisaka, ends up in a car accident that kills his parents and leaves him in critical visual novel adult. He undergoes experimental surgery and survives, but as an unexpected side-effect now views the world through a terrifying lens. This is not a game to Google in the company of squeamish others. This is also not an adult visual novel to play if you yourself are rather weak at the site of blood. Saya no Uta plays with wonderful themes of mental illness in a brutally scary way.

If horror is your shtick, then this is your jam.

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With the curtains closed. And the headphones on. And the sound up. Taking a sharp left turn out of Amityville is Hanachirasu. This is a fantastic adult visual novel gem in every sense of the word. Against a backdrop of corporate villainy and honor, this is a traditional story of revenge that plays out beautifully in its tragedy. Visual novels, like regular paperbacks, deal with a very wide variety of subject material.

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Deardrops elects to touch upon garage bands. Every time they explode at each other is another reminder that everyone has feelings and emotions that get in the way of what they really want from life. Finally, the first straightforward romance on the list. Where it differs from traditional romances is the way the story is told. The taste for the epic that comes in its pacing, its supernatural elements, and its characters are definitely something unique.

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Minori is rather well-known for their attention to detail not only in their characters and writing but also in their scenery and storytelling techniques. If 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors was your thing, this game is right up your alley. Kara no Shoujo features a particular brand visual novel adult detective story. Kara no Shoujo features a single protagonist who works as a private investigator. It also features a heavy gameplay focus. The player must actively pursue the correct le in cases, track information, monitor the connections between the parties, and based on their choices achieve one of a group of very different endings, not all of which are favorable.

Tragedy and regret are the themes of Kara no Shoujo. Cartagra actually functions as a prequel to Kara no Shoujo, helping to broaden your understanding of the characters and world before jumping into the chapter in this visual novel series. In Cartagra you play Takashiro Shugo, a man who used to be a police detective, but now earns a living as a private detective. Things change when his former superior contacts him about a missing person case, that turns out to be so much more than Takashiro could have guessed.

Kara No Shoujo had many different choices and paths to find, whereas Cartagra features a much simpler and easy to uncover story. Playing both titles is definitely going to make the experience more meaningful. However, the franchise originally started as adult visual novels on PC. The scenes play out naturally, at times that make sense in the context of the story, not necessarily as a reward for the player. Grisaia has a bit of a unique setup, and is mostly focused on drama and romance. You play the role of Yuji Kazumi who has just transferred to Mihama Academy.

The catch is that the school is built like a prison and only has five other female students that attend it. Now it certainly sounds like a setup, but Grisaia, like many visual novels, has a huge emphasis on dialogue and story. You can find this one on Steamstill with adult themes. You play as Hisao Nikai, a student whose life dramatically changes after suffering a heart attack from a long-dormant disease. He starts going to Yamaku High School for disabled, where he meets five girls who also attend the school.

The gameplay is choice-driven, and most of the story focuses on Hisao and his relationship visual novel adult each of the five girls. The subject matter is incredibly well-handled and conducive to the story itself. Even better, you can actually download this one from its official site for free. Utawarerumono is a visual novel with a twist, employing a tactical battle system for parts of the game.

You play as Hakuoro, a masked stranger with amnesia that is found knocked out in a forest, by a family with two young girls. The game is a mix of traditional fantasy with science-fiction, and has some really surprising twists by the end.

The battle system of Utawarerumono is quite similar to something like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics, having you move character around a grid and attack or use abilities. There are choices in the game, however, they have little impact on the overall story which takes a decided path.

Tsukihime is an older visual novel released inand then adapted into an anime and manga starting in You play as Shiki Tohno, a high school student who suffered a life-threatening injury when he was younger. This ability starts to wear on his mind, especially when he learns that he can cut and affect these lines. The plot advances and Tohno begins to encounter supernatural enemies like Vampires, and has to use his power in order to survive. The game has multiple branching paths and choices, resulting in some wildly varied outcomes.

The more adult aspects of the game only come through later on, as the supernatural and mysterious storyline definitely takes precedence. Brave Soul is a fairly lengthy RPG, that combines elements of visual novels and turn-based battle systems.

You play as a young boy who was raised in the countryside of Sovenia. With your dragon companion shell at your side, you decide to become a Hunter, a mercenary who accepts various different jobs. Brave Soul does feature combat and RPG elements, unlike many other visual novels. Like many visual novels, Brave Soul is heavy on story, really heavy. There are six girls that you meet across your journey and can romance, although the main story is the main draw of the title. The good news is, the RPG elements and storytelling are almost always put before the adult content.

Character development and plot is paramount to the experience, making this one of those easy adult novels to get into. You can find it on Amazon currently. Has seen quite a few different adaptations over the years, with various games and other media. The title started out as an adult visual novel on PC, before getting an all-ages release on PS2, and subsequently two different manga and anime adaptations. Takes place in a fictional world where humans and gods live in harmony together. These gods are separated into two types, ones that resemble humans and others that have more pointed ears and are known as Devils.

Despite having obvious connotations, both types are actually quite friendly, and have been immigrating to the human world ever since a portal between all the worlds popped up suddenly. The title visual novel adult a school-based romance visual novel, that has you playing as a normal 17 year old boy interacting with other students, both human and god.

Most of the game consists of the typical visual novel adult novel style, lots of reading and selecting answers. Because of this, Shuffle! Is yet another visual novel much more focused on the characters and experience. You can currently purchase Shuffle! The Shadows of Pygmalion is one of the Yuri visual novels, so its cast is almost entirely made up of women. The adult scenes, once again, are simply placed throughout the story, which involves quite a bit of reading.

You play as Hajiro Mina, a typical highschool girl that has a chance encounter with a puppet, that alters the course of her life.

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She gains the ability to see puppets and gains other supernatural powers along with it. Mina is forcibly made a member of a shady organization that eliminates puppets, where the meets and begins to forge relationships with other members. The Shadows of Pygmalion contains a dark story, that constantly keeps you second guessing the truth of things. It also features full voice acting and is relatively safe for an Eroge game, as the adult themes are ificantly toned down. Following Kotaro Tennouji, a high school student growing up in the city of Kazamatsuri, it revolves around the lively Occult Club.

Kotarou hangs out with the students in the Occult Club, who handle cases revolving around the paranormal. The only problem is that each time he does this, he uses up a little bit of his life force. Eventually this will cause him to become a familiar.

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After ing the Occult Research Society, Kotaro begins investigating paranormal events in Kazamatsuri with the girls in the club, though it ultimately ends up that Kotaro becomes locked in a battle between two warring factions: Gaia and Guardian. Sounds like an excellent weekend play, right? That does it for our list of the best adult visual novels! Connect with us. Hanachirasu Best Adult Visual Novels.

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