Viper v16 rise

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Script error: No such module "Unsubst". Viper V16 is an eroge released in for the PC by the now defunct Sogna. It consists of two separate titles: "Rise" and "Imagine". Three Anna Miller's waitresses Akira, Saki and Karin are kidnapped and imprisoned by a mysterious race of subterranean men—and their leader, Seed—who seek to use the girls for reproduction. Akira reveals—much to her friends' chagrin—that she is a martial arts expert, but was at first too afraid to do anything. Using Akira's skills, the trio escapes and attempt to navigate an underground maze in order to reach the surface world.

One wrong move though and the girls will face a lifetime of sexual exploitation. There are eight possible endings to the game, depending on the player's actions as they control Akira and battle the subterranean creatures and, finally, Seed himself. The possible endings are listed below:. In Imagine, the main character is a student in a two-year vocational school. He goes to school and encounters three lovely girls, each in a different room. One girl yearns to become a voice actress, another is majoring in music, and the third is unsure of what future she seeks.

Depending on the choices the player makes in this story, he can hook up with any or all of the three girls. Manga Wiki Viper v16 rise. Princess Lover! TopContent NewPictures Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Viper V View source. History Talk 0. s with script errors Eroge All stub articles Adventure game stubs. Fan Feed 0 Naruto. Universal Conquest Wiki. This adventure game -related article is a stub.

Viper v16 rise

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