Tumblr sissy humiliation

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It reiterates everything that true sissies should already know to be true. Enjoy sweetie and be sure to share all your silly little thoughts after you listen. For little sissy whores to listen to until it melts into their brains. This is what you are meant to be so listen and obey sissy slut.

Intense cock conditioning for true sissies only. Whether you have sucked cock before, or are simply cock-curious, this is the file for you. This is an intense 14 minutes of pure, unadulterated penis worship, narrated in my commanding, seductive voice. I have deed this file for the express purpose of turning you into a sissy cock slave. In this file, you will be placed in a sensual cock-trance, and submit to your deepest desires.

You will also develop a special fondness for alpha males with strong bodies, and long cocks. You will learn to worship big, heavy penises with cum-filled balls, longing to hold one in your hand as it pulses and throbs. Cockwill become one of your main focuses in life, and you will realize that you have a strong preference for very large cocks.

Your little clitty could never hope to compareā€¦ I will implant in your sissy brain a powerful craving to suck on thick cocks. To drop to your knees in front of hard-bodied studs, part your glossy lips, and take every inch of their swollen penises deep down your inviting throat. Cock sucking will become a deep-rooted craving in your fragile sissy mind. By the end of the file, you will become a mindless dick sucking cum swallowing sissy cock slave. This is serious brain-conditioning hypnosis, not tumblr sissy humiliation be taken lightly.

Video clip: Trash See the full video at Bondage-Education. Hello everyone, if you follow me you know I love hypno-ff's Mindless Fuckdoll Tumblr sissy humiliationso I made a recording of myself reading it for everyone else to enjoy! Don't expect your Blackmailers to treat you well: you are property to them - a commodity to be traded - bought, sold You can find lots more of my original captions at my Twitter twitter. I will forever love this video. Reblog if you want me to put this on you. Mindless Fuckdoll Trance!

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Tumblr sissy humiliation

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