Tumblr erotic mind control

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Since my brain is pretty much still fried and my writing is on pause, I figured I could at least try to give some advice for others that may wish to give writing kink a shot. Please take this as what they are: little pieces of advice to be used or ignored at your leisure. No two writers are alike, and that's what makes literature great!

I know, I know, we all want to get to the nasty. I do too! And sometimes that's cool, specially for micro stories, or small vignettes. But for longer tales, think in terms of story, of character and structure just like you would if you were writing any other tale. Kink is best when the text itself stands as a tale.

Yes, horror. Good horror is structurally the closest to good kink, because suspense and fear are to death what desire and tension are to sex. If you watch a horror film and the monster shows up in the first frame, fully lit and doing a little dance, tumblr erotic mind control won't be scared.

You want the anticipation. The heart racing. Same thing with kink! You don't want to open with "He was fucking her". You want to build up to it, to tingle the loins before the deed finally happens. Sounds mean, doesn't it? What I mean is that even if they want to get to a sex tumblr erotic mind control pronto, mostly Not really.

Manipulate them. Tease them. Get them invested. Mislead them if you are going for a twist and drag them along if you're going for the inevitable. Make them want it. Fuck with their he. In short: dom them! This is a bit more of a stylistic thing, but describing sex acts is boring.

Really, it is! Look at this:. It sounds like instructions for assembling furniture. Place peg A into hole B. You know what's fun? Focusing on feeling. Those wrong and filthy thoughts that intrude. Secret desires bubbling up. The physical part is the least interesting part of sexuality. Also, don't call them "penis" and "vagina" unless you are using the terms very deliberately. They tend to come across as medical. Are they the proper terms? That's why you read them in a biology textbook. You can, however, use them cleverly if, for instance, you want to show a character is super innocent and naive.

There, just with that word, you've established Mary's character. What you do after that is up to you. Me, I'd show her progression from "My Daddy I'm your bitch in heat! But that's just me. Read non kink short story masters.

Short stories are hard to write, and you want to be a good writer first and then be a good tumblr erotic mind control writer. So explore the form! Read Poe. Guy de Maupassant. Neil Gaiman. Read whoever strikes your fancy! But don't read just kink. Trust me, it will be fun and it will make you a better person, writer and kinkster. Creating is amazing. It's magical, really.

Please don't be intimidated. Do it! Create and share with the world! Excellent recommendations all around - and huge overlap with the authors mentioned here to my own, personal list of 'masters of short horror'. Mcstories has been a cornerstone of our people for decades and now you betray it by siding with a new space? That site does an incredible job of making an incredible range of kink stories available to all for free and it was my first introduction to mind control erotica.

I always go check it out for my own pleasure and also as a source of inspiration. Especially for writers like me. Our community needs as many sites as it needs to continue to grow and expand to offer readers and writers platforms to become aroused and inspired. Opening up a new site is not a betrayal, it is more like expanding the community. If anything, MC erotica sites should have a main base where people can add new sites they find.

A sort of master list of all the sites where one can enjoy MC Erotica without the need to type in a search in google. Or just refer the of some other website if this type of master list already exists. I remember a few posts on tumblr, but nothing we can trust in the long run. Read Only Mind is by no means trying to be competitive with mcstories. Because the EMCSA has been around for so much longer, you can definitely get more eyes for any stories that you post on there as well.

What the admins wanted to accomplish with ROM was just to have another archive that might offer more features for authors and readers alike, and be more inclusive in content. For authors, they can see view statistics and have a customized tagging system. I have the other admin and the developers to thank for all the hard work they put into this. Dig it. I wish someone had told me early on, when I was first starting to explore my desire for kink, that you are allowed to have the things you want and that you do not have to suffer through something you don't want.

You don't have to play in a framework of punishment and reward if you don't want to. You don't have to want to be choked. You don't have to want things, and you don't have to do things you don't want to do. Personally, I don't want to be punished. I refuse to give someone the right to tell me I'm a bad person because I didn't do some bullshit task they told me to do.

I don't want rules. I don't want someone to tell me what to do.

Tumblr erotic mind control

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