Trials in tainted space scenes

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Easily one of the best erotic games ever made, purely text but the quality of writing somehow makes that better. Even if you've finished, there's a good chance you'll end up staying for the adventure and worldbuilding.

A great game in many aspects considering the huge diversity in the many stuff around the game and be able to actually choose and select what you wanna be or go in an open world feels wayyyy more good than just a lineal stuff. Really good fun, allows a lot of player involvement. Art is solid and events are well made. There's a serious amount of content here that is actively being developed. Really is a standard that other erotic games should be compared against. But that does allow for near limitless options for what can happen.

Most of them are good but there might be some you just don't like. What truly affects what happens in a sex scene is what genitalia you have and the size of it.

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I keep coming back to play this game all the time sadly I am unable to see pictures in my head Many of the characters to me are quite compelling with a few characters that feel a little 1 dimensional and other characters I would like to not sub to. I'm also not huge on furry but it isn't a turn-off for me. TiTS is about exploration. Exploration of the setting, its inhabitants, and all sorts of unusual sex acts.

This game just flows. You choose what you want MC to be and who they fuck. There is an overwhelming multitude of options and content to experience. Yet TiTS remains elegant in its simplicity of delivering up erotic content at a sustained pace.

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The game mechanics are unobtrusive but still aid in immersion. However, the restrictions are hardly noticeable as there is so much to do on each world, traveling between destinations, and more content that unlocks back at locations. The visuals are an essential element for anyone unfamiliar with furry-esqe porn. Besides being well drawn, they enhance the sex scenes by showing anatomy that is both strange yet familiar. The body types on display contain nearly every combination of attributes imaginable. Including customizable options for certain encounters and characters. Seriously, download the image pack version because it is small in file size and is the best way to play.

The only downsides are some of the choices for quests can have a huge impact on the setting, while other choices only affect associated characters. Also, because of the incredible quantity of characters, some of which are community contributions, you can easily run into a character that has a lot of or hardly any info and backstory but only one, a few, or no sex scenes. This also means that very few can be love interests that actually offer a romantic story arc and the vast majority of interactions are basically meet for the first time and fuck.

Overall, TiTS is one of the most extensive text porn games that are out there. The intro and initial space station will show you a glimpse of the type of content contained within. Give it a trials in tainted space scenes and I doubt you will be disappointed.

The best porn game I ever played. There is a lot of content, a big community and a lot of choices of body transformation and sexual parteners! This is mainly text based but the authors are greats and the art is awsome. Fenoxo is one of my favorite adult-game developers, one that I have been following for the last 5 years.

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Each of the games made by them CoC, TiTS, CoC2 are truly amazing, especially among text based games; but they even stand out among many other games even with images or animated scenes. It's easy enough to add image packs and various mods into the game to give it some more visual flavor though if that's what you want.

With that all being said, I am not a big fan of text based games and among Fenoxo's work this is probably my least favorite game. If you're looking for fetish content, furry content, flexibility and in-depth character customization this is a no brainer. TiTS is a fantastic game with tons of awesome, well fleshed-out characters and stories to get immersed. You have multiple ways to fight your battles, charm your friends, and pick your lovers.

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There are very few restraints on what you can and can't do here and I absolutely love that in a game. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fetish-heavy game with a ton of story and fun gameplay. Pros: Character customization Manlyfemboy, furry, monster or just parts of your body Changeable character portrait styles to some degree Ability to select which artist drew the character Multiple environments with differing culture Alot of characters Very good side stories tied to the characters not MC's story Very nice descriptive H scenes Constant content updates Cons: Pretty grindy initially You may need the wiki for some parts Specific requirements need to be met to access alot of things eg quests, H scenes, items or side stories Taint system can be annoying if you're trying to do alot of H Not enough content for companions eg gift giving, impregnation or dates Notes Before doing any of the following, I highly suggest playing the game normally first with easy or silly mode on if you want a relaxing experience.

The game can be annoying by locking you out of some routes if a certain amount of time passes or if you didn't meet the requirement during that point of time of playing. The thing is that the game can be worked around by using a save editor. If for example you missed something far back and you have and aren't bothered restarting you can check the flag. Or if you sold an item that belonged to someone and you want to feel the satisfaction of giving said item back you can just put it in your inventory. Or if your stats are too trials in tainted space scenes or your taint levels are too high you can edit it to satisfy your needs.

For my play through I had to go through a lot of save scumming before the editor was even born However the game is alot better since then and is still my most played H game. Like Corruption of Champions before it, this is an adventure game where you travel through 10 planets.

On each planet there is are npcs you can talk to and fuck, and some will give you quests. For these quests you go into the "wild grass" area, where everyone wants to rape you. If you lose combat you get raped, you win you rape them. When you finish the main quest you go to the next planet. In Comparison to CoC I would say the that level trials in tainted space scenes writing is much improved, but the level of customization has gone way down. Also the combat is much easier, and the main focus of the devs has shifted from telling a corruption story to cranking out more and more porn.

There are over a thousand porn scenes in this game, and honestly you'll spend more of your time reading the porn rather than actually playing the game. PS: touching on the overbloat of npcs again, at first glance they all seem the same, and if you're playing the first time, you can easily skip over the ones that have actual content. I've been playing this game at several points during the past 3 or 4 years, the sheer amount of text and it's quality in grammar and spelling is simplky really good, the system of items and transformations is really wide, the combat system is challenging enough, the customization level with each new update becomes more limitless, the sex scenes are very varied in their content and while most of them are geared for an hypersexed setting and hardcore sex without going to extremes, except in special cases while still having some vanilla and romantic scenes make that at some point somewhere you'll find something you'll like and enjoy.

So why the 3 stars? Because all of that is a novelty, after the first playthroughs, outside of trying new transformations and how they interact with the sex scenes which you can do in the same playthough mind youit's all the same, it doesn't feel fresh or replayable enough, there are lots of interesting npc's, on the surface, but except for some there's not a lot of content going for most, and i'm talking of some that been since pretty early in the game, you don't feel a bigger connection to them, you don't really progress on having a family or pursuing a romantic relation with them, and each to their own but there's so many times i can enjoy the same sex scene.

This games broaden it's horizons constantly and in quality, but if those horizons aren't deep enough yeah there's a hyper penetration joke somewhere trials in tainted space scenes how long before you feel you hit a wall and don't progress in the direction you wish, but it's all good right?

Where's my deeper bonding with Erra? Even Anno, she ahs lots of content of mostly is just sex and no bigger role on the story, at least there are some interactions with several npcs thanks to her. But i can name quite some npcs, even crewmates that are just there, and don't really help a lot to make the game feel alive. I feel i should put 2 stars in my review, but the sheer amount of content the developer put into the game, and not of bad quality itself and certainly an inmense amount of quantity, and the absolute potential to be much more makes it deserving of the benefit of the doubt.

This game is a perfect example of quantity having a quality all of it's own. There are many scenes which I don't like and only some of the fetishes interest me, but the game is big enough to give me plenty of the good stuff. It is still a good game, the drawings are amazing, and i liked the characters, the combat and exploration, but since it is a text game i think that the wrinting style is the most important part, and sadly i found it lacking. This game is an excellent example of the genre. It starts with sexual content and never lets up.

Every enemy you face and the vast majority of NPCs have encounters that appeal to a variety of niches. The creators are constantly updating, and have been for several years. Extremely creative, engaging characters and content, and content for a wide range of fetishes, this is a great game. Enjoy, and don't feel bad about using the save editor. Also, be sure to download an image pack for some extra artwork and such. Lots of fun and worth it as-is. I think what makes TiTS great is that it just dumps porn on you. Nearly every enemy and more than half of the NPCs have at least one scene, with many giving the option of three or more, your character's equipment depending.

This is exactly how porn games should be! I don't want to spend an hour running around some shitty suburb so I can maybe see one still image of my "landlady's" tits, I want to power-fuck my defeated opponent after every single combat. TiTS has zero restraint, and that's exactly how it should be. I don't care if you're a furry or not, if you have functioning genitalia and at least one hand, you should play TiTS. Unlike other text based games in its genre, TiTs bizarrely has no ability to hold my attention. I can only put this down to its writing style being unappealing as others in this genre like Lilith's Throne or Tales of Adrogyny do not suffer the same issue.

I am using the "rating is based on the lowest score" method. For example: If graphic and gameplay is each 3. But the sound is 1. The final score is 1. This choice is made based on development. And so I can give a more objective rating. Since then I am no longer excusing mistakes, because something else was good in the game. Story: Story is pretty good. Has an alright set-up. Overall pretty creative. And the character creation is woven into it well.

It does well with weaving in lewds as an answer to everything. Originality: Here, the game both crash and burn. While simultaneously flourishing. It has some stuff that is really neat. But a lot is just "Check porn norms". Like: Character with biggest dick is dominant. It follows a lot of tropes. Sometime it does them well. But other times it just feel cringe. Playability: Here it similarly shits the bed. If you play a male: You can practically access the entire game.

Some few scenes are restricted. But practically all of them have a male variant. Whereas not all females scenes have a male variant. Atop that: If you play female, roughly half the game content is removed.

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You're extremely limited in several areas. And some functions are straight up missing. Like your player stats Performance: Runs pretty well. I didn't occur much issues with it.

Trials in tainted space scenes

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