Trials in tainted space bad end

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Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in. Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Best Bad Ends? Thread starter Shiranui Start date Feb 12, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Shiranui Well-Known Member. Apr 6, Please list how to get said ending as well if it is more complicated than just lose to x person, as I know some require certain prerequisites to work, or you get a different ending.

Jul 17, 1, 1, Carrie and Cora bad end. Eventually you'll get the option to go for a walk with Carrie. Keep selecting positive options and enjoy Steele's drop out of the Rush. Tam-wolf bad end. Lose to Tam-Tam in the first fight of the Stellar Tether. Overdosing on Gush. Especially if Zo'dee makes trials in tainted space bad end cameo. Jerynn has a nice bad end, though you have to play Steele as a dumbass to trigger it.

You need to have sexed Jerynn then got caught in the Uveto wilderness and lose all your hp to cold damage. Best way is to have no heat protection and then choose to wait four hours repeatedly. Then saying you want to be Jerynn's pet. Best troll bad end: Lose to the Juggernaunt on Riyaquest.

Nice those sound fun now I finally have a reason to lose a battle. Nnxx Well-Known Member. Feb 3, 26 somewhere in Belgium. Jerynn's bad end and the Alpha Nyrea's bad end are my all times favorite, Kaska's bad end is great too I really like the build up to the bad end for those first two, the fact you have to actually want it and your character getting more and more addicted is what makes me like those two more than the rest.

Last edited: Feb 13, Reactions: Medge. ShySquare Well-Known Member. Sep 3, I love losing to Taivra is such a way that she makes the PC and the Rival her sex slaves. Vinkula Active Member. Aug 5, 31 11 From the top of my head. Noob Salad Captain Shitpost. Aug 26, 4, 1, The Frostwyrmling ending is the best one ackshully. Medge Well-Known Member. Dec 23, 94 Can't have this list without mentioning the Bothrioc Quadommes on Myrellion now.

It's a waste if you let the pidemme's get your there though. The scenes with the Quadommes change the worse off the PC is, so there's a decent build-up. Only complaint is that final scene is a bit light on specifics of the PC's transition into debauchery. Not devoid of it, just light. That, trials in tainted space bad end alpha Nyrea, and Jerynn provide the absolute best bad ends in the game because of the slow fall and how much the character falls into things.

In defense of Jerynn's bad-end, it triggers first by accident in theory. Everything else she acknowledges as telling the PC they can stop putting themselves in harms way if they want to be her pet. The writing is not completely unaware of the weirdness of it.

That said, it is still a not-so-great way to force the encounter, and is hard to defend in an RP aspect. Glad there's another enthusiast on the forums. Bad-Ends Best Ends. Last edited: Feb 14, Kesil Well-Known Member. Aug 26, 2, 1, Back in the day, I used the CoC Bad End wiki article as a means to know what was triggered by which options. Does the current TiTS wiki have a similar article? I know that bad end-related articles usually have some lines concerning them, but a comprehensive list would be very handy.

Kesil said:. Click to expand Reactions: Soldier Oh, shame. I'll add it to my missing wiki contents post. Oct 30, 9 2 I love the Jerynn bad end as well! The slow progression of it through multiple encounters is definitely what sells it for me. Wsan Scientist Creator.

Jan 8, 1, 4, I think my fav when I started out was the Tam-wolf one. I liked the Wetraxxel one a lot too, but I've never progressed very far in TiTS' story so I haven't seen the later ones. Reactions: nad destroyerMedge and Freed Doombot Active Member. Mar 5, 34 New Texas public use bad end is one of my favs aside few mentioned above. Reactions: Wsan. Kirorororo Well-Known Member. Oct 6, I'll take the buttslutinator bad end anyday use it thrice and get plowed nice. Oct 29, 2, 3, Female bad end for Beth's Busty Bro, the mods alone give me a lady boner. Jerynns with implied cybernetics, Tavira with cousin as bed warmer, Milodan wife, Wetraxxel wife, Frostwyrm wife and of course, Quadomme Fai ending.

I didn't care for the Faizan Quest bad end though. That retarded name they give you turned me off. Female bad end for Beth's Busty Bro. Reactions: nad destroyerNnxxShySquare and 1 other person. Nonesuch Scientist Creator. Aug 27, 2, 3,

Trials in tainted space bad end

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