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Capitalist feminism has become a trendy way to bait feminists into spending money. The band Tramp Stamps are attempting to use the same tactic that has been used for decades, but have been called out on this tactic by individuals who frequent TikTok. Courtesy of Jay Morrison on Flickr.

The Tramp Stamps are that band whom the internet loathes right now. Their social media presence alone provides an indication as to why these women are being ruthlessly cyberbullied on TikTok. That, and the fact that the band has a gay member, feels very pandered to the gen Z and gen whatever-the-people-born-fromtoare. The internet is a wonderful space in which to be educated and to educate. The stereotypes can be addressed first. Dyed hair, torn clothing—which is obviously expensive by the looks of it—and anger.

Separately, none of these would be irreparable offenses. Together, they form the caricature of a modern feminist: someone who is angry at the lack of equality between tramp sex sexes and who deliberately chooses not to comply with patriarchal standards of beauty by dressing and presenting how they would like to. Trigger warning for implied non-consensual sexual activities. These apparently powerful women who chose not to conform to patriarchal standards are threatening a man and pressuring him into sex against his will.

This is obviously not a great look for feminism. Just saying. This is another very bad look for the feminists whom this band supposedly represents with their caricatures. Honestly, it might tarnish this feminist image the most of the three. The lyrics describe a protagonist who enjoys sex, which is empowering. This may seem innocuous on the surface, but plants a dangerous literary seed. That, plus the obvious fury of the protagonist visible in the use of several swear words and shouting, make listeners subconsciously more likely to tramp sex that the man the protagonist is sleeping with might not actually be the bad guy.

But actually—why is this protagonist so angry? Because the relationship is toxic? This is a visceral mockery of feminism from the privileged white woman perspective, and clearly implies that the men in every song are the victims and that the protagonists are insane.

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Tramp sex

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