Town of passion latest version

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Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Town of Passion By Siren. Add to collection. Hey everyone! The latest update to Town of Passion- Version 1. Town of Passion - v1. Hey itch community! Town of Passion - Beta 2. Feb 01, The latest major update to Town of Passion, Beta 2. Nov 30, The latest update to Town of Passion, Beta 2. Oct 12, Aug 31, Town of Passion - Beta 1. Jul 01, The latest update to Town of Passion, Beta 1. May 03, This update adds a bit more sidequest content around Hey guys!

In case anyone needs any help playing through Town of Passion, I'll leave a guide created by a member of the D So I believe I've figured out what's been causing the Null Width errors for some players, but I need to do I can,t get iron gauntlet. Book Charm. I've pretty much finished the game again and the only thing im missing is the book charm where do i find it? Back of library? Accidentally, I discovered that there either is eventually going to be something at the back of the library, or there OHHH come on im doing Nyx puzzle i dont know how to do it i cant throw the fireb Haru's aptitude test bug.

I have my agility maxed out, but the option to take the Aptitude test never comes up, even after talking to her multiple OHHH come on im doing Nyx puzzle i dont know how to do it i can throw the fireba Android Lag. Ok so, I just noticed that my phone mid end lags whenever I enter a specific areas like caves or the dojo, or whenever Lost progress Android. I lost my save files from the versions, does anyone know why it happened or if I can get them back? I uninstall Missing lot of scenes. I just completed the journals and I can't get the scenes that I am missing. Bug issue? Theres the bug issue that I could not get the 2 ropes costume scene going on for one girl in the dojo training area.

Gold Hearts. So why do only Rose, Mary and Akane have gold hearts but the rest do not? What to do? Umm yeah so a new update has been released and I want to know how will I transfer my progress in the old version to the Saves arent saving. I played for about 3 hours and got off only for me to get on a while town of passion latest version and find that none of my progress saved i was New topic.

Town of passion latest version

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