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One guy is raving about how this proves feminism can actually be beneficial for men. Fuck equal pay and access to education, social and bodily autonomy, freedom from violence, freedom from being treated as a non-human object This is an area for like-minded sluts to socialize, play, and challenge each other. A judgment-free space for those who want to feel degraded, hurt, and ruined, and who crave a community of others who want to help them feel like the trash they stupid sluts club they are deep down inside.

Well, they can't tell the difference between females and males with cosmetic surgery, makeup and outfits "'she' passes"so males might end up just fucking each other. But they won't call it being homosexual Because that would be degrading. If a male is attracted to another male in lipstick, it's not the male body he's attracted to, it's the lipstick.

There's too much porny desperation and homophobia afoot among younger or isolated or stupid males. In the present day we have sex positivity turned into women emulating porn actresses and acts and putting out the first time they meet a man from Tinder. This type of stuff is unbelievable. The violating nature of the trans movement reminds me of this, too. When we get raped and prostituted there are no human rights violations, apparently.

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This is just unbelievably sad. Women who buy into this just don't understand the level of woman-hating. I hope they make it to radical feminism as unscarred as possible. Liking sex is not wanting abuse. I agree that that message is utterly porn led. I mean actually I do think men would benefit from true feminism and a matriarchy inasmuch that, in my personal opinion, societies in which women have the most rights are the best countries in which to live.

That's obviously not what these men mean by benefitting from feminism though. It's so funny, MRAs etc whinge about how feminists don't care about men but I'm sure male homelessness and poor mental health two of their favorite whatabouts have better outcomes in countries with female leaders. And also, a feminist society in my mind would help men because women being supported is just better for everyone.

Focusing on helping women would probably help all men more than male oriented policies ever will. It improves lives for everyone. Give the stupid sluts club a micro loan so she can buy some hens and a rooster? Her family gets eggs to eat, she trades for other goods. Give her husband money? He spends it on stuff for himself. It all comes from misogyny and porn. Women should not be shamed and called sluts or pushed into degrading roles just because they enjoy frequent sex, including casual sex if they so wish.

No one does these things to men because men are allowed personhood and autonomy, sexually and otherwise. Women can be highly sexual, and not just for male pleasure. This is a women-centered, radical feminist oriented circle to discuss feminism, women's rights, and related topics. The Sitewide Rules and Sitewide Guidelines are both enforced here. Please read them before posting! Please do not directly link to misogynistic content to start discussions about it. Please report any for private groups that do not have a comment from a mod confirming that it is approved. Never give anyone sensitive information that could be used to de-anonymize you without first vetting them yourself.

Be careful! We stand up for the rights of women as a sex-class. Stupid sluts club have a right to bodily autonomy and to set their own boundaries and have them respected. We resist efforts to limit women's reproductive autonomy.

We condemn the men who exploit and abuse women in prostitution and pornography.

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We oppose all harms and forms of exploitation of women and girls, regardless of whether or not they're sold as "choice" or re-framed as "empowering. It is the second wave of the most important revolution in history. Log in Register. I'm convinced this is the reason most liberal men are pro-choice. It doesn't just help women. Sounds like a place full of male larpers. Maybe this guy is just talking to other guys.

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I just said the same thing, but you said it better! This is so true. Honestly that subreddit title tells me all I need to know about it Bernie Sanders' pro-rape essay says basically the same thing. I refuse to go on Reddit. More women should just STOP giving that site clicks.

Stupid sluts club

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Stupid Sluts Club