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We all search for all kinds of female pornstars all the time, but we do overlook the male pornstars who are just as important to the porn industry as the ladies. These performers are sidelined most the time and are even reduced to a mere prop in most of the videos because the complete focus is on the female performer. So, after writing so many articles on the ladies of porn, I thought it was time to give the male pornstars the spotlight they deserve with this list!

This way, you can also find out the newcomers in the porn industry because they are often paired with experienced male pornstars in their earlier scenes. So, these are the two reasons why you should know the names of the top male performers in the porn industry right now! Also Read: Hottest Female Pornstars of Michael is not afraid to push boundaries and explore his sexuality. That means he is down for getting his asshole fisted by anyone that can work up the courage!

Getting pegged and double penetrated also holds no fear for him. Watch Michael Vegas on Brazzers. This son of a gun is a big favorite with the ladies, who eagerly surrender their pussy so that it can be properly massacred by the artillery this guy carries around in his shorts! Tommy is one handsome, cheerful, and smooth operator who makes the ladies feel good and gives them a good reason why they should more often dress up in their birthday suits!

He has won awards by the basketful and has a knack for locating the G-spot and treating this to some sweet times! Watch Tommy Gunn on Brazzers. Chad is a big-time stud who has shown his face in hundreds of XXX movies and done enough straight male pornstars pounding on the screen to make your balls hurt in sympathy! This guy is sweet-looking enough for me to think about fucking him, though he is strictly a pussy-liking star. Watch Chad White on Brazzers. You really cannot mistake the guy for anyone else, with his shaven pate, massive frame, beard, and oak tree stump cock marking him out from the straight male pornstars.

Jmac specializes in filling petite pornstar pussy with his boner of epic proportions and looking all surprised when they cry and tell him he is too big and should be fucking elephants instead! Watch JMac on Brazzers. Seth Gamble is the kind of guy studios call when they want someone who can do better than speedily locate any hole and stuff it closed with his cock! This guy has dreamy eyes that could drown straight male pornstars goldfish and a voice that makes a frightening of women so wet down there you could water ski down their thighs! He also has balls that are bigger than any avocado you ever saw, plus a cock you could kill a gator with!

Watch Seth Gamble on Brazzers. If there ever was a living, breathing fuck machine, it well might be Johnny Castle himself! Johnny is a no-frills man who takes his cock straight for home once he sees an open pussy that needs stretching and filling. Johnny loves to pump pussy like his cock is a knight assaulting a castle wall, and has made many sexy ladies so sore down there they are obliged to sit on ice for weeks!

Watch Johnny Castle on Brazzers. With a name like Lawless, you can be sure that Sean commands a lot of respect, especially among horny females who need a long cock in them about as much as I need an infusion of greenbacks in my bank ! Well, Sean is a tall, lean, and dude-next-door type with a straight arrow where his cock should be!

Once he unlimbers this weapon of war, every female in sight starts to quake and their cracks begin twitching in anticipation! Sean has been in hundreds of XXX movies and fucking cunts of gorgeous pornstars to jelly is what his lawless cock aims for! Watch Sean Lawless on Brazzers. Steve Holmes hails from Romania and is a tall and bearded bear straight male pornstars a man with the kind of cock that would make the devil cross himself! This guy sure can pound it in and if you are a female, not even wearing a chastity belt will keep you safe from his uncut, burrowing cock!

The only thing he lacks is charisma, but his long stick of pleasure makes up for it and earns him a spot in the best male pornstars list! Watch Steve Holmes on Brazzers. He comes all lean and slim and his weapon of choice is a boner that is about as long as my arm!

Alex Legend is muscular and tattooed and can show any pussy convincing reasons why it should squirt and do that in impressive fashion too! Watch Alex Legend on Brazzers. Small Hands, whose real name is Aaron Thompson, is one of the best male pornstars right now and he is married to another stunning and tattooed pornstar called Joanna Angel. He enjoys getting rimmed, licking sweet snatch, getting a BJ, and banging sluts so hard they weep like they just lost a relative! Watch Small Hands on Brazzers.

Charles is a former marine with a larger than life personality and a monolithic cock that could prop open an aircraft hanger! He charms with easy grace, looks good enough to bed a queen, boasts rock-hard muscle, and can keep it up longer than most men alive. He is notable for his handlebar mustache and has been wetting cozy pussies with his cum juice longer than you have been in school! Newcomers and veteran pornstarsteenagers and mature women, everyone have tasted what his cock tastes like and experienced it throbbing in their holes, and none of them have ever complained of being left unsatisfied!

Watch Charles Dera on Brazzers. All the male pornstars listed so far are on the tall side and you just know that Kyle Mason is not going to disappoint. He stands more than 6 feet and is a good looking but otherwise mostly forgettable character who happens to have a cock that makes cunts so happy they could fry themselves, flap their wings, and depart to heaven!

Kyle is well hung and most anxious to use this in boring red holes through female pussies and buttholes! Watch Kyle Mason on Brazzers. Well, Ricky Spanish looks young enough to be my son! If I had a son like him, once he came of age and with the kind of woody he is blessed with, I might seriously consider pimping him out to the ladies in town!

Yes, with him between their thighs they could get a hold of enough orgasms and creampies to permanently scramble their brain matter! Ricky is smaller than most guys on this list, and has a clean-shaven fresh-faced look that gets him too many sweet pussies to be counted! Watch Ricky Spanish on Brazzers.

This Arizonan native and tattooed fuckster male kinda reminds me of a prison inmate I once knew who used his cock to carve a new path for himself! Anyway, Scott likes nailing the females so hard he almost breaks their tailbone and has been ed up to just about every major studio in the business. Watch Scott Nails on Brazzers. Well, this gunslinger is assuredly not playing!

See, Tommy Pistol gets his name from the enormous six-gun that dangles between his legs! This gun is cocked, loaded, and always ready for action that will see it divide a fat pussy in two and make it ache for weeks! Tommy is a nice enough guy when he is not holding ladies hostage with his atomic cock!

Better leave this guy alone because he is fully armed, dangerous, and well-equipped to make all the ladies around him cum with pleasure! Watch Tommy Pistol on Brazzers. There are lo of video clips where the guy goes uncredited, with the main focus being on the ladies. Yes, you never get to hear the name of some male pornstars and learn what they are all about. Bambino is one of the more talented XXX male stars out there who has poured his massive third leg into the holes of some of the most beautiful pornstars on the planet and never got the respect he deserves.

What injustice! This guy is tall, bearded, muscled, handsome to the limit, and seems a pussy licking expert, apart from being skilled at giving slits all the deep strokes they need to cum forth and explode! Watch Bambino on Brazzers. Owen Gray is impressively tall and green-eyed. He looks like a musician or plumber, with a gentle face, long limbs, and a cock that nearly reaches to his feet! A champ he is, else he would never be on this best male pornstars list for all the tea and noodles in China!

Watch Owen Gray on DeepLush. Mick Blue is an Austrian born bad boy who happens to be blessed with a steel-infused cock that could knock down a cargo train! Rumor has it that this guy has been in more than a thousand XXX movies. If that is so, I am sure there are a thousand or so ladies out there in the world walking around bowlegged for years, all because mad Mick dumped them atop a bed and pumped them till they went near crazy! Watch Mick Blue on Brazzers. The porn world parted around five or so years ago for the entrance of the one and only Ricky Johnson and has not been the same since!

This dark-skinned rogue has been nominated for or won more awards than you could shake a stick at in a month of Sundays and has provided the cock that sent so many superstar females like Adriana Chechik over the edge! Ricky is perhaps the most handsome man in this listing and has a proper BBC that he is not afraid to stick into any female that asks for a proper pounding that shakes her bones to pieces! Watch Ricky Johnson on Brazzers. James Deen is not one of your typical male pornstars. He is slimmer than the big-boned jockeys that make up most of the population, lacks tattoos, and looks like the fella down the street.

He had long wanted to star in porn movies ever since he was a kid and saw his dreams come true in cumming fashion once he turned James is the youngest ever winner of the Male Performer of the Year award and has since starred in more than 3, porn clips. He has been in the news recently and straight male pornstars for anything good, with straight male pornstars misconduct allegations dogging him and it has greatly affected his career.

Watch James Deen on Brazzers. Markus Dupree is the first Russian in this list and the guy is mean enough to make my sphincter clench in fear! Asses hold a special fascination for this guy, which is why you can see him in a lot straight male pornstars clips forgoing a juicy pussy for the tighter comfort of a tight butthole belonging to any slut foolish enough to bring her butt near him!

Straight male pornstars

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