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In honor of Tom Holland's 25th birthday, a British radio station re-posted a interview with Holland where the actor joked about asking Marvel to include "a really passionate sex scene" in the Spider-Man films. The spider man sex would make a lot more sense now, with Spider-Man: Far From Home establishing Peter Parker spider man sex Michelle "MJ" Jones as a bona fide romantic couple, so it is especially amusing to see Holland joking about it as far back as the first film that he starred in as Spidey, 's Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Capital shared the clip, which was recorded while Holland was promoting the not-yet-in-theaters Spider-Man: Homecomingto celebrate Holland's birthday by showing one of its favorite interview bits from the actor. Holland was talking about how involved he was in the making of the Spider-Man films and noted that he often sent ideas for set pieces and lines of dialogue to Marvel Studios and very often, his ideas made it into the film. In other words, Holland wanted fans to know that he was a lot more involved as Spider-Man than simply reading the lines that he was given.

He helped shape the character, which probably explains why Holland has spoken often about his desire to do as many Spider-Man films as they studio will allow him. However, at the same time, Holland admitted that the studio often turned down his ideas. He joked, "A lot of them they were like, 'No, dude, that's a terrible idea.

Holland then replied to the interviewer's joke about how Holland, as a "method" actor, would need to actually be naked for these proposed scenes. The film arrives in theaters Dec. Source: TikTok. His writing has been featured at ESPN. He features legends about entertainment and sports at his website, Legends Revealed. By Brian Cronin Published Jun 03, Share Share Tweet 0.

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Spider man sex

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Tom Holland Says Marvel Turned Down His Sex Scene Idea