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You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Spoiler Policy does not allow using spoiler tags to hide trope names. Simply seeing some tropes may be a major spoiler, so tread carefully! Bedtime Brainwashing : Jason does this remotely by putting subliminal messages in the music that plays throughout the house at night. Brainwashed : Jason is sending hypnotic subliminals through the house every night brainwashing his family and, accidently, himself. He can also program them more directly snow daze noelle playing music from his delimiter, placing them into a trance for more specific programming.

Casual Kink : In the Good Endings for each individual girl, Jason brainwashes the other three to act as though his relationship with his chosen girl are completely normal. It also provides them a way to open up to each other about why they treat one another the way they do and how to repair their relationships going forward. Regardless of how you feel about their morality, its impossible to deny they are much closer and happier together in the Good Endings than they were at the start of the game.

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Covert Pervert : All of them either already were one or develop into one over the course of the game. Depending on your endingthey can become a lot more overt. Disappeared Dad : There is no mention of where the family's absent father is. Although, in Noelle's Ending she implies he was a hypnotist just like Jasoncausing her to have little memory of him and therefore couldn't really tell her children much about him.

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Girl-on-Girl Is Hot : Jason seems to think so and eventually he gets the rest of his step-family to agree. Hidden Depths : Despite the nature of the gameall of the step-family are slowly revealed to have understandable flaws that drive their actions and treatment of Jason.

Ultimately, they all do care about each other, even if their own ambitions, selfishness, and perversities get in the way at times. It Runs in the Family : Kira points out in the Golden Ending that their family is comprised of overachievers.

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Noelle became an affluent Business Manager for a gigantic corporation whilst raising four children on her own. Kira is the youngest chemical engineer in the country. Jane is a talented athlete with a promising career in sports. Sarah has a large of social contacts at school and is skilled at manipulating people to get what she wants.

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Jason was a bit of a late bloomer, but he ended up being capable of building a mind control device, enslaving his step-family within a week, and was always a gifted musician. Naughtyby Night : Implied. Not Blood Siblings : Despite sharing similar physical features, it is stressed by Cypress Zeta that they are all step-family, even the twins, because of cat magic.

And in Sarah's case she's willing to brainwash the rest of the family for her own amusement too. Additionally, the Golden Ending has Jason convince his un-brainwashed family to admit that they genuinely enjoy the new perverted family dynamic. Sex Slave : Zig Zagged. Jane Voiced by: Silica. Kira Voiced by: Shiyon. Noelle Voiced by: Diana Lockheart. Sarah Voiced by: Shiyon. Cypress Zeta. Show Spoilers.

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