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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Community Forum Software by IP. Board d to: Nexus Mods. In Create. Posted 31 January - AM. Winterthorne Stranger Members 4 posts. Is the perk supposed to reset after the first round? Posted 31 January - PM. Sartakpai Journeyman Supporter 49 posts. It seems that I don't get any Speech experience with "And the Universe Listens" perk, or is it just very small?

Description says I get experience based on shout cooldown. I've noticed that I've never got any Skill Increased popup during shouting and so I decided to watch the skill meter. It was at the very begining of 5 in 52, so, after a fight with a dragon where I performed 4 shouts 3 Marked for death lvl 1 and 1 Unrelenting force lvl 3I didn't get any experience or exp gain was so inificant that it didn't cover even a couple of pixels.

I understand the main effect of this perk is resource replenishment, but I also expected it to boost my speech skill a bit. Any thoughts anyone? Great mod by the way! I was looking at it for a long time and finally decided to install - I like it a lot, all those possible build is just another reason to spend another couple of hundreds of hours in Skyrim. I would not recommend it for 1st playthrough though and even after the 1st playthrough.

As much as I like this mod and find it immersive and balanced in my opinion the things it does are for people who've "seen everything"in this game, otherwise you most likely will get lost in the amount of variations and eventually never get to the end. Just my opinion though, if you really want it - it's your game experience. Edited by Sartakpai, 31 January - PM. Posted 01 February - AM. In response to post Spoiler Sartakpai wrote: It seems that I don't get any Speech experience with "And the Universe Listens" perk, or is it just very small?

Spoiler skyrim game of fate wrote: I love this mod dude. Good job!! A few questions mostly about the illusion tree. Yes or no is cool : 1: Illusion Mastery: does "0. I assume when the cell resets. Thats all for now. Im playing through legendary with mods atm and it works pretty good. Spoiler Firstslayer wrote: Hey! I noticed the conjuration perk that allows summoned weapons to soul trap doesnt work? Ive killed 2 little spiders with my bound sword but no message appeared and i did not fill any gems. Firstslayer wrote: also note i did one shot them. Edit: Ive killed ice wraith and flame atonoach which gave the popup skyrim game of fate that a soul was captured.

Still dont get that message whenever i kill fox or wolves. Spoiler Lucifernus wrote: Hi, again, i love this mods, now im changin from full destruccion mage to Necro Sword one handed weapons and conjuratin undeso now my question, do the summon boneman, mistman and wraith from the soul cairne, benefit from any perk?

Spoiler hitman wrote: Quick suggestion regarding the Voice of Rage and Ruin perk Love the perk names by the wayat the moment it only works with powers but there aren't that many combat applicable powers in the game even with standing stone and racial power mods installed, reckon it would be a lot more useful and fun if it could trigger shouts as well, seeing as there's more offensive options there and you're probably more likely to have a shout equipped anyway I think. Cheers :. Not sure why. Thanks again, great mod.

Spoiler SpartanNix wrote: Trickster perk does not work, i can't pickpocket equipped items even when NPCs are sleeping. Back to File topics. Reply to quoted posts Clear. IPB skins by Skinbox. here.

Skyrim game of fate

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