Sims 4 brothel

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Lifespan can be whatever you like, although long will make it easier on you, this challenge can take a while. What Sims 4 need is sims 4 brothel way to hire sex workers and set shifts and brothel locations. Your hired npc's show up for work and automatically solicit customers for sex and the earning go into yourof course you'd have to pay the worker. My Patreon will still be the place to go for the newest version of the mod the moment it releases.

That said, sims 4 brothel mod downloadI have a working mod to sell sims 4 brothel mod download in The Sims 4! Good for if you want to guarantee your Sims earning some extra sims 4 brothel mod download or want the mod for a more controlled storytelling. Money earned will be a random amount between Simoleons and Simoleons. Always Accept Random Accept. Please do NOT re- my mod, take credit for my mod, or redistribute without my permission. Cats hears available here. These were meant to be a while ago but Studio kept messing the project so I had to start again from the beginning.

Please tag me if you use this! Aye-aye links were not working again. How to use this mod: Place the. Play as the Sim you want to receive the money. This mod is all agesso Teens through Elders can use it on each other. To use the interaction, you must first be acquainted with the sim you want to use it on any introduction will do. Then, use some interaction from the romance category. Flirt, compliment appearance, etc. Get the conversation rolling. You do NOT need to get a high romance bar, have first kiss interaction, etc.

Click on the object you want to use for sex location Bed, Closet, Bush, Tent, etc. Those are fixed in this version. This mod is still new and technically in an open Beta. If you run into any issues or conflicts, please let me know so I can fix them! Currently, this mod will likely conflict with other mods that edit Woohoo Interactions or Romance Requirements. If you are interested, please still download! If you do experience a problem or conflict, let me know!

If you have ideas, let me know! For men and women. Download Here. I did everything I could to fix this but it still shows up from time to time. Message me if you spot anything else. I have fixed an issue where no matter what color you chose it would return to black in game. This is sims 4 brothel mod download fixed so please re-download! Sorry for the incovenience. See this in the app Show more, sims 4 brothel mod download. Top Photos.

With over 50, Mods and CC creations to choose from, you're bound to found what you're looking for! Post a Comment. Wednesday, April 15, Sims 4 brothel mod download. Sims 4 sims 4 brothel mod download er: Nikolas Date Added: Sims 4 brothel mod download My Patreon will still be the place to go for the newest version of the mod the moment it releases. Labels: No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Sims 4 brothel

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