Sims 3 change lifetime wish cheat

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Forum Activities for July-Aug. Register Here to get rid of when browsing the forum. Carl and Pam's The Sims Forum. Please or register. s: [ 1 ] Go Down. Author Topic: Change a completed lifetime wish Read times. Is it possible to change a sims ltw after it's been completed with mods or otherwise? KhaineGB Immortal Posts: You can do it with Master Controller.

JodySuzanne Occult Posts: You can take the sim back into CAS and choose a new one. Note: This will reset your sims age, and possibly erase any Lifetime Rewards purchased.

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But it's an option. Lisa46 Watcher Posts: WickedSimmer87 Occult Posts: Quote from: Kake on July 03,PM. I find Master Controller the best way to be honest.

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It's under either Advanced or Intermediate which means you'll need the "cheats" package tooand it just pops up the LTR selection screen. No going to CAS, no losing rewards I just changed Anna's I did a little experiment and found that no matter how many times you enter CAS, the age will always reset to the beginning of the age period your sim is in.

If you enter CAS a second time during the same play, age will reset and Lifetime Rewards will as well. But, if you enter create a sim once, Save and exit the game, then return to the same file and enter the sim into CAS, the age will reset but not the Rewards. So the rewards only reset if you enter CAS twice in the same save. Does that make sense?

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If your Sim hasn't fulfilled their first lifetime wish, you can change it by accumulating lifetime happiness points and purchasing the appropriate reward. If your Sim has fulfilled their initial lifetime wish, the "change lifetime wish" reward is no longer available. You can choose a new one and get the reward when you complete it. Hope it helps!

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Sims 3 change lifetime wish cheat

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The Sims 3 Change Lifetime Wish Reward