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She Freaky, Shes Freaky,? I love the direction they took the branding with for this one. And I love it. I must admit, the porn industry is pretty white heavy. Black porn, in some regards, is often presented more like a fetish on many of the mainstream porn sites.

In other words, the of black porn shea freaky is dwarfed by the of white actresses. And, even still, the movies that do feature black women often highlight the racial divide as part of the fantasy. Blackness, in other words, is often viewed as this sort of exotic feature in a lot of mainstream porn. There are some interracial, white, and Latina videos on here as well, but they are about as common on SheFreaky as black videos are on, say, Redtube.

She Freaky is more a celebration of black sexiness than it is anything else. Really, though, it all boils down to what the users decide to. Easy enough to navigate, and pretty well-organized. Everything on this site is user-ed, and most of it focuses on ebony and Latina chicks with the occasional snow bunny here and there. But there are plenty of homemade sex videos, and girls dancing and showing off their crazy bodies as well.

A little bit of something for every homemade porn lover. As you may already know, one potential pitfall of a site with all user-ed, amateur content is quality. I absolutely love this. Users seem to, generally, put effort and thought into the videos that they shoot before they them. I am not having to sift through hundreds upon hundreds of shaky, dizzying second-long videos shot on what looks like a flip phone from Both the recording quality and the skill in the filming of many of these videos is acceptable. This is so rare for an all-homemade site such as this.

So, props to the members of Shes Freaky for creating some great content. Active and Passionate Community That le me into the community aspect of the site. One of the comments sections, for example, included a dialogue between two members.

You pay for this shit and leak it for free. This just goes to show how active and engaged the community is. Shea freaky also speaks to the level of quality control that occurs among members. Here, find the top five ranked users of the week.

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It seems as if we have to exchange quantity for quality. It looks as if there are only 18 s worth of videos to choose from. However, if you ever did run out of videos, there are plenty of images galleries to enjoy from users as well. That, or, you know what?

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You could always just get to making and ing your own content. All of the videos in this section do actually link correctly, and all appear to be from pornhomemade. And, boom, just like that, you have another couple hundred thousand homemade porn videos to choose from. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to make money in shea freaky online porn industry without resorting to advertising. Hell, I do it. You got a couple in shea freaky righthand margin of thea few at the bottom, one or two click-triggered popup when you first visit, and the occasional pre-video ad for a cam site.

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Shea freaky

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