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Welcome to The Sex Realm! The Sex Realm is a place where you can explore your own sex realm in a myriad of ways and a community of like minded sex realm explorers! The Sex Realm is a passion project created by Emma, sex realm Sexologist who is inspired by her research in psychology, mythology, neuroscience, and tantra to name a few! Emma is passionate about providing writing, courses, blogposts, podcasts and consultations that guide individual's towards their own truth, and empower them to live their authentic sexual self.

Her most recent obsessions in the world of sexology revolve around fetish psychology, power, BDSM, sexual authenticity, and the impacts of sexuality on leadership. Patrons receive access to the discord community, writings, and the opportunity to apply to be on the podcast and share their Sex Realm anonymously with sex realm world! The ultimate goal of The Sex Realm is to contribute to a more accepting, sex positive society. So, come and us on the journey into the wonderful, diverse and colourful world of The Sex Realm! Happy exploring and stay sexy! The Sex Realm merchandise will be launched!

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Sex realm

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What Is Spiritual Sex?