Scooby doo sex stories

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The Mystery Machine cruised State Street, windows dark with the coming night. The gang inside watched a pair of alley cats hurrying along the sidewalk toward an ally like windblown leaves. The cats were getting somewhere quick, finding shelter before the storm.

The Scooby Gang followed them, saw them off, and then turned their attention to the row of businesses nestled along the street. The buildings were architectural remnants of the nineteenth century, red brick with green trim, gloomy and looming in the dying light.

At one time the street had probably scooby doo sex stories charming, but moon shadows now gave it a menacing aura, now heightened by the lightning that flickered from the incoming clouds. Fred pulled over to the curb and turned off the van. We're going to have to split up and try to figure out what's going on down here. Who's been scaring off all of the customers and now the employees?

Fred Jones and Daphne Blake let themselves in, flipped on the light switch by the door, and started poking around for clues. They decided that things would move quicker if they split up. Fred took the offices and storage area upstairs and Daphne would stay downstairs and search the floor merchandise area.

The store was filled with an amazing amount of pornography: DVD's, magazines, books, gags, whips, vibrators, and dildos of every conceivable size and color. An ocean of sex related items. She could hear Freddie moving around upstairs, the wooden floor creaking under his weight.

She thought she heard footsteps down the hall toward the private viewing booths, someplace distant, trailing off to silence. The hair rose on the back of her neck.

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She stepped to the entrance of the hallway, called out, "Hello? Must just be the air moving through the air conditioning ducts. A light seemed to flick down the hall, and she waited, but nothing else moved. The hair was still prickling on the back of her neck when she went back into the merchandise area to her search for clues. A breath of cold air touched the back of her neck and she shivered; as though somebody had passed behind her.

She scooby doo sex stories slowly around, walking a small, tight circle, looking around, not seeing anything. The thought trickled through her mind and she didn't laugh. She didn't believe in them, she knew better, it was always some creepy old guy in a mask. The silence seemed to grow from the walls; except for the soft flowing sound of the air conditioner and Freddy's occasional movements. She went back to her search, feeling her skin crawl. There was nobody else down here with her: she knew it, and still Her cell phone buzzed, and almost gave Daphne a heart attack.

She took it out of her pocket, looked at it: Velma. She said, "Hello? Nobody but the spirits. She turned back into the room.

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Of course Shag and Scooby are more interested in eating than in searching for clues," she said, laughing. Bye," and she scooby doo sex stories the phone closed, putting it back into her pocket. Daphne stood still, her head coming up, her sweet eyes going wide, looking up to the ceiling, hearing a loud thumping and tapping on the upstairs wooden floor boards. She wondered what in the hell Freddie was doing up there. The spirits were invisible to Daphne, drifting through the store, hanging a few inches above the floor, free floating. She stood there, then went back to her search, bending over the counter a little, her fine, tight little ass thrust out as she looked in a drawer.

She couldn't feel them there, so close, coming up behind her, totally unknowing. She did feel something run down her spine, something like a cold draft. She shivered. The noise upstairs stopped. All was quiet again. Suddenly a door down the hall from her swung open and then slammed shut, a chill blowing into the room. Is that you? She never suspected their presence. She was looking into a display case when something brushed her arm, the hair rising on the back of her neck.

Daphne jumped as she felt something begin to stroke her legs, and fondle her ass. Suddenly Daphne felt something grab her arms and legs, all at the same moment, a well-coordinated attack. Frantically the busty redhead looked around, unable to see her attackers, unable to comprehend exactly what was happening to her. Help me! Scooby doo sex stories bra was unfastened, releasing the restraining pressure from her large tits, the fabric suddenly expanding as her busty chest forced the bra outwards.

She whimpered, as her long legs were forced apart, her panties ripped from her body. Again Daphne screamed, "Freddie! She struggled, but there was absolutely nothing she could do. She couldn't see her attackers and even if she could, she realized that there were too many and they were way too strong for her to resist.

Where was Fred at? He had to have heard her screams. The spirits stroked her stomach, thighs and legs. Daphne screamed into the gag as she felt herself being lifted off of the floor, levitating through the air, and then placed on a long table that had moments ago held discount DVD's. She was lying on her back, her long legs spread wide apart, bent at the knees, each leg being held in place by some unseen presence, just like the rest of her body.

She was at the mercy of whatever these bold, ghostly beings were. As she struggled, her tits thrust out, jiggling, a look of desperation on her pretty face.

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With the remnants of her torn dress bunched loose around her waist and hips and her panties collecting around her left ankle Daphne lay there. Her naked body was slender but with ample curves in just the right places. Her big tits pointed out like two Russian onion domes, her pale pink nipples were being tugged and rolled by some unseen force. The apparitions began playing with her pussy, rubbing the pink folds, flicking at her clit. She felt something cold and slippery being rubbed around her bald pussy lips.

She raised her head as far as she could, looking down the valley between her ample breasts, trying to see what they were doing to her. She saw a bottle of lubricant floating in the air between her legs. They were lubricating her pussy! One by one, dildos began floating up from a box behind the counter, moving in her direction, until there were at least a dozen dancing, multi-colored, rubbery phalluses bobbing in the air around the frightened redhead. Her terror was slowly being replaced with desire as her body was constantly touched, rubbed, stroked and probed almost causing an overload of pleasure.

Daphne's nipples were huge, erect, and thick. She could feel what she believed was a spirit's mouth latch onto and then move from one nipple to the other and then back again. Scooby doo sex stories moaned against the ball in her mouth as the smooth head of the dildo moved back and forth along her slit causing her to involuntarily squirm in pleasure. She felt pressure as the dildo eased past her spread wide, bare, clean-shaven, pink lips and into her shiny pussy and then the lips closed back up around the head.

The rubbery cock began pumped in and out of her pussy, seemingly of its own mind, inch after inch sliding slowly in until the entire twelve-inch length was floating out and then plunging deeply back in. As the latex cock fucked up into her she squirmed and bucked her hips against its invading thickness, her tits bouncing, be of sweat collecting on her pretty brow.

She groaned, ashamed of her passion, humiliated with the knowledge that she was secretly getting off from their forced entry. The smell of her arousal was quickly filling the room. The big dildo continued to pump her hard as she rotated her hips in small circles, hungrily accepting the pleasuring phallus. Finally the specters released their hold on her arms and scooby doo sex stories the ball gag from her mouth as the long, thick fake cock kept pummeling her now horny, wet hole.

Daphne reached down to her pussy and began furiously rubbing her clit, desperate to orgasm. Daphne lay there moaning and panting, frantically rubbing her clit while the ghosts still gripped her legs, pushing them wider yet. The twelve-inch dildo slid from her pussy, making a loud sucking sound as it popped out of her cunt, leaving behind a gaping, splayed open hole between her thighs. Daphne whimpered in frustration until a much bigger black dildo floated before her, dancing tantalizingly through the air. It was not only longer than the one she'd just been fucked with it, but it was thicker also.

It moved down, slowly, toward her fiery, waiting cunt. Daphne stared with a mixture of horror and pure lust at the sight of that huge fifteen-inch black dildo approaching her horny pink pussy. She gasped when the huge black dildo made contact with her horny fuck slit. The large, bulbous cock head pushed against her, enticing a long, ecstatic moan from the buxom redheaded sleuth.

She moaned as the plastic cock head pressed even harder against her opening, almost demanding penetration. It felt like a baseball bat pushing into her. Daphne gripped the sides of the table, lifted her ass slightly off the formica top, and felt the head separate her pussy lips like nothing she had ever felt before. Slowly the huge dong invaded her wet, horny hole until finally the head completely penetrated her. Daphne moaned loudly as she lifted her ass up again, allowing another two inches to penetrate into her body.

The walls of her cunt spread before the giant black invader, slowly giving way before its steady, progressive assault. She grunted and moaned when suddenly her legs were pushed up and wide open. Daphne watched in amazement as the shaft continued to penetrate her, an inch at a time. She grunted, breathing the words, "Oh, fuck, it feels good! So fucking good! She moaned as it pushed back into her, more of the long dong was added deeper into her body. She whimpered as it was pulled out again.

Each time the spirits pushed in, more of the huge dildo was entering her pussy. Her juices and overall wetness were completely coating the imitation black cock causing it to shine brightly under the florescent lights. Daphne was becoming almost frantic with her need to cum. She took the sex toy deep into her body. Her tongue was licking her lips and she was rubbing her clit with one hand while the other scooby doo sex stories at and rolled her sensitive nipples. The specters were pumping the phallus into her grasping pussy faster now. Daphne moaned as she felt nearly eight inches of plastic cock withdrawn from deep inside her fuck tunnel.

The juices from her pussy were now dripping off of the dark, black shaft. Daphne squealed and arched up when the prick was pushed back into her.

Scooby doo sex stories

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