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This whole subreddit and everyone in it. A community that can't control itself. The Muppet Newsman gives one last update before being consumed by a singularity formed from an overly long caption. R Clopclop. Whats This. A Few Moments Later. God Why. Known artists Gore: 1.

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Posts About Menu Yikes. Viewership is declining faster even than Facebook stocks or Stormy Daniel's breasts, as the onslaught of overly long, complicated captions continues to bore and annoy readers who are used to actual wit or jokes. Brevity is the soul of wit', is one quote by the Bard that comes to mind in the face of endless reams of nonsense about dimensions of torment or bear wars. R Clopclop: Just about to enjoy this nice day Report 2 3 4 5 q w e r t y ui o a God forbid you try washing an ice-cream scoop.

Reply a S. R Clopclop: 0 Sprint 7, 0 reddit. No Screenshots!

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WTF is no longer a default. No Personal Information. NSFW posts must be tagged. I need this you for permalink parent report give gold reply -nnoyin 68 points 1 hour ago If you have any questions, comments, ar concerns about IryWTF you can by Caught OP in Brony denial.

R Clopclop: JessicaWolf [S points 3 hours ago It started out in the s as a cartoon meant for little girls around years old and the story line was usually terrible and animation bad. Back around the cartoon series got a reboot with a whole new look and some fresh, intelligent writing and so because of this, thousands of people outside of the target audience usually teenage males, but some females as well started to watch and enjoy the show. Ever since then there has been a huge community of comics, videos, hand- made plushies and other fan created works.

You've been caught. What's this? Why did I click that? R Clopclop: Childhood Ruined: The "My Little Pony" Sex Dall It's so I don't really need to explain to you that Bronies grown-ass men who like MLP axist While most will reddit clop clop the fandom as wholesoma and innocent, it should come as no surprise that there are those for whom the show ia th sours of many a saaxual fantasy.

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