Motherless taboo

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The following is not real. Some of you know have known me will recognize some of the people, but this is not how this actually happened. People suggested I try writing something else so here you go. So, Im going to be straight up for a second. I think about fucking everyone I meet. I think about how they would feel under my hands.

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Or how I could make them cum. I think about what kinky stuff they might be into. Is the fat old charge nurse into anal? What would that paramedic do if I asked him to piss on me? Would the clerk that checked me out at the store rim me if I went down on him?

All of these and more race through my mind. Normally I push them out of the way. Sometimes I dwell on them, and try to find out. From the moment I saw him, I wanted to fuck him. Joe and I had just started dating and we had gone to his parents house.

My future father in law lets call motherless taboo Frank was a runner. Not just recreationally. He liked to do marathons and shit like that. As such, he was in amazing shape. Athletic and slim. His muscles were well defined under his skin, and he had the sharp facial figures like a sculpture.

His hair was still black, aside from the gray that had begun to appear at his temples. To be fair, I was in shape then too.

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More than one, actually. They were just circles of various sizes. From that day forward, I wanted to fuck him. I began to wonder what it would take to get Frank to fuck around on his wife. He had raised one son to have an intense moral direction. On the other hand, his other son was a complete dirtbag. He was the one that came on to me first.

To be fair, I kept it going after the wedding, but he could have said no. What kind of a guy fucks his brothers wife the day they leave for their honeymoon? So what kind of guy was Frank? One of his sons was an outlier, but which one? And then what kind of woman would not only entice him to motherless taboo, but to fuck his sons wife as well.

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It was the kind of challenge I rose to. I had to find out. It would be quite the accomplishment, fucking all the men in a family. Well, aside from mine, I guess. It would be a process. A long one. Find out if he would cheat. Find out if he would cheat with a fat girl. Find out if he would cheat with a fat daughter in law.

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Finally find out if he wanted a whore or an angel. I could do either, but angel was temporary. I would see him pretty regularly, once week or so, more often during the summer. He had a pool, you see, and Joe loved to swim.

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So I got to work. First step was to see if he was even interested. I waited until the next time we went swimming. That would be a few weeks away, so I contented myself through masturbation that mostly involved him and my dad tag teaming me. By the time we were actually going, not even these clit sessions could tide me over. So I settled on my one motherless taboo. It would be sufficient for this. The changing room was their bedroom, and it had a sliding glass door that led to the pool. There was a curtain to pull to cover it.

I thought about leaving the curtain open, but there was never a time when he was the only one in line of sight. Disappointed, I headed to the pool to the others. It was while swimming that I saw my first opportunity. The pool itself was a saltwater pool, and motherless taboo one end was a hot tub fixture that overflowed in a waterfall into the pool itself. Frank was standing by the waterfall, talking to Joe, who was in the tub.

I dove under the water, and while I swam to the waterfall, I adjusted by suit so that I had a nipple peaking out. I rose out of the water next to Frank, my left nipple exposed.

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I slid up next to him and asked what they were up to. Slowly, with the waterfall falling on me, I turned towards him and asked him what he was drinking. He looked to me and opened his mouth to answer, but his eyes went right to my tit. I held my breath. Would he say something? Would he freak out? Would he just stare? The latter. As he responded to me, I slowly exhaled the breath I had been holding. His eyes were flicking between Joe, me, and my nipple. I was looking him over too. His chest had a small v shaped patch of graying hair, his nipples sat flush against his body.

His neck was ridged by firm tendons and muscles. Fucking hell he was sooo hot. Joe began moving toward the stairs so I dipped down and fixed my suit. I swam away eagerly awaiting my next chance. I was optimistic about this thing for the first time. Pushing the envelope and taking chances were such a turn on for me that I was spent the rest of the swim time rubbing my clit hidden by the water.

A plan took form. I would motherless taboo the last to get out. I would go into the room to change, and somehow entice him in there once I had stripped out of my suit and covered myself. Then, a quick flash, or something. As luck would have it, Frank and I were the last two. Improvising, I got out and piddled around outside until Joe had finished changing. I went in, and began to motherless taboo around the room for something to give me an excuse to get him in here. I had to hurry, and act while he was alone in the pool area. If anyone else was there, they might come instead.

There was a hamper in the bathroom for towels, but Joe had been Joe and just piled them on top of it. Under the pile of wet towels, it might be missed.

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I stripped out of my suit, and wrapped myself in a dry towel. I rushed to the door and looked out. He was still alone, but he was out of the pool.

Motherless taboo

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