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Are you 18 years of age or older? You'll have our gratitude for your mortze games and will get weekly progress reports on whatever game mortze games currently making. You'll also get access to the text-only short stories that Tlaero writes roughly every other month. You'll get early access episodes of the games we produce. We'll be doing an episode of a game roughly every other month, but won't release them to the public until the game is fully complete.

So patrons at this tier will be getting content from us long before the rest of the world does. Skip. We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More information. Tora Productions is creating story based erotic adventure games. Select a membership level. Friend with Benefits:. You'll get access to a weekly picture and be able to participate in a "caption contest" for each of them.

About Tora Productions. We are a small game studio composed of full time graphical artist, Mortze, and a part time writer, Tlaero. We've created several erotic graphical adventure games, many of which have been very successful.

Our games tend to have more story than is typical in the erotic genre and feature realistically shaped people who act If you're looking for games full of bimbos with beachball-sized breasts who will have sex with you at the drop of a hat, ours are not the games you're interested in. If, on the other hand, you want human-looking characters with histories and personalities who you need to treat with dignity and respect But don't take our word for it. All of the Tlaero and Mortze games and short stories are downloadable for free. Many of them are HTML and should work on any system.

We've made more than ten games so far, and we're responsible for many of the top games on the noted erotic games site playforceone. They're also present on f95zone. So far, the Tlaero and Mortze games have taken place in 3 settings. The "Elsa-verse" games are the main ones that Tlaero and Mortze have done together. That's where you come in.

Supporting us will help defray the cost of creating these free games and allow us to keep making them into the future. This is our main presence on the web.

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You can also at Sharks Lagoon and f95zone. Thank you! Tora Productions.

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If we reach this goal, we'll be back to where we were before we ed the Mortze and Tora s. Become a patron to Recent posts by Tora Productions.

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Mortze games

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