Monster girl farm

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When Jerry follows the trail of his missing uncle, he discovers a mysterious monster-girl and an equally mysterious region called Delom where everything works like a video game. But there isn't time to gawk, because Jerry's inherited his uncle's farm, once the most famous animal breeder in Delom, and everything is falling apart. The animals are low level, there's not enough food to keep their health up, and a greedy developer wants to put Jerry and the farm out of business.

But if Jerry can discover his uncle's greatest secret, he might just be able to level up enough to save the farm. All he has to do is figure out how to breed monster-girls! I didn't get past 64I can't honestly give monster girl farm work a fair review, I simply couldn't get past 64, which isn't fair to the author. It's not that I don't like the genre but more of an inabilit If I hadn't already decided to read the next book I would give this two stars. I'm intrigued by the story and, in general, it's not poorly written.

However, there are specifics that drove me NUTS. The story itself is alright, you This is going to take a while and you should probably get some popcorn before going on. Now I know what some of you might think if you look at my read list "why did you read this, are you depraved? Farm or just slow startI normally read books in days, but after 3 days of Trying to get into the story I've stopped it to go on to something more. I like when a story captures my interest right aw Down on the farmNo one really knows what goes on in Simon Archers head,but every time he pens a new story its at least as good as those before it.

In this case its Better Re like the author's self insertion fantasy, two pretty decent NSFW scenes but I think it would have benefitted from a more thorough explanation of the in world rules and less focus on the wacky Al Well written I guess I should have realized it was haremlitI had feeing going into it that it was going to be haremlit just had that tone. My only real Slow but worth itThe writer kind of meanders through unnecessary details and dashes through things that might be interesting to learn more about and there's times of too much world building or things Quite impressed!

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this. I can definitely say that I'm pleasantly surprised. The pacing is a bit slower than what I am used to but it wasn't dull or boring. Toggle eBooks, epub, comic, magazine and PDF shelf. Genres Most Read. Home Fantasy Monster Girl Farm. Monster Girl Farm. Read Book Online Download Book. Creation Mage War Mage Academy, 1. Dragons of Asgard Dragons of Asgard, 1. Monster Girl Farm Reviews. Karl Poff. Ryan Devlin. Maggie Nikkel. Natasha Y. Anthony Bowen. El extraordinario caso del Dr. About Monster girl farm Archer. Required.

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Monster girl farm

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Monster Girl Farm