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Not even once! I really am sorry to each and every one of you who believed in me — I pushed milfy city update too hard. In fact, the reason I started making games was for the love of it, they might not have been perfect, but I always gave those games the best of my ability at the time. Of course, I want to be fair and do my best for my loyal fans. Everyone who pledged this month is going to get the next update with Caroline and Celia for free! I know that many of you really like the characters I have created.

For example no more character polls. This should help me avoid getting burned out again. This will hopefully make a lot of people happy — your favourite character that was always skipped now has a much greater chance to receive content. What kind of poses would you like? Animation angles?

Small story aspects? Styles of pubic hair on the girls? If you have any more ideas for good polls please let me know. Is it over!? No more Caroline!? The short answer is absolutely not! It will open two different paths to choose, but I prefer keeping these as a surprise for the players.

Some of them were really hard to make, but also very very sexy. Here are all the current previews I published. Everyone who pledged for this month will be getting the next Caroline and Celia update for free. Do not be so egoistic, Jacku! Icstor Just discovered your patreon and had a short view at your game Milfy City. A burnout or something like that is not fun and it is totally human … ». You can give me points but a fact is a fact: Icstor does not have hurry to give us another Milfy City version one year is passed by 0.

Or he started to work, if this is true, on another project instead of put out the 0. Try to remove your subscription and you will see that he back to give us scheduled updates to convince us to subscribe again. And also I got perma muted and was not able to write anything. This kind of support is not acceptable at all in my opinion. I recommend everyone not milfy city update support this game by milfy city update money. If you ask when the update its going to be realese you got muted.

And now i just fucking realized he just fucking trolling us …. I totally agree. Does he think there will always be people who will pay him for lies and promises. He said he needed a break! Stop your goddamn whining and pull youself together! Give this guy your love and support! Not all you BS, and selfish crap. He will come around, and no one is paying anything as long he is on a break, he put it on pause. The more shit and stupid comment, is just going to make it take longer and longer.

Thanks for telling milfy city update. Take as much time as you need. This game is all about animations, if I wanted some random incest story I would play other hunderds of incest games as HIHI suggested. People give you their money yet what they get is more lies. Truly shameful. Lets be honest, the man is probably not testing shit yet. And then we will get V0. I thought that after taking so much time, this guy will release the complete game instead of V 0.

At this ratemaybe our children or grandchildren will experience the game in full completed version. Can everyone just stop the subscriptions until the game has been released. So that the game can get finished. Did you literally read anything in the post above? Rather an amazing product. Then a half baked piece of shit…Or god forbid him never finishing it due to people bitching about it none stop.

Hey, I hope you have a great vacation, I thank you for your games. Last game update was around DecemberIts now January I think Milfy City is one of the best Patreon games ever created and I hope Icstor will finish it good and soon. Please tell will you continue updating this game or not.

So I must say that you have lost me as a supporter. Learn to finish something before you start … ». I genuinely think the game is not coming out soon if at all. I think this bloke is ripping everyone off. Considering the update was due two fucking months ago. And then when we finally to get a answer it will be another delay and a lecture to everyone for being too impatient. Its a fucking joke now he has to be laughing at us all. Milfy city update he had been posting updates for us all i would have faith. But this … ». Our prayers are with you… Now just waiting for your masterpiece work… God bless you….

If you are a paid supporter of this game then you are an idiot. The developer is a total scammer, he lies about updates allot and is playing you for a sucker. Yeear Thank you for paying me. I need little more for a new yacht, car, house and for vacation on Hawaii for one or two years. I hope you understand.

This is the disadvantage of patreon. Patreon does not have an effective mechanism to prevent authors from procrastinating. Because investors are individuals, not organizations. If an organization invests, the organization will require the author to produce within a certain period of time. If the author does not, the organization will terminate the contract. In this way, in order to continue to receive investment, the author will find ways to achieve before the deadline. But if the sponsor becomes a large of individual users, it is difficult to unify the opinions of that user.

Because fans are irrational, … ». Let me tell you the truth. The fucking truth is that the game is not finished at all, and the guy has to release an unfinished version in advance, a beta version, in order to perfunctory those who sponsor it or because patreon gave him some warning. Have you seen so-called beta versions in versions? This guy earns at least tens of thousands of dollars a month. He can hire someone else to help him or buy a better computer. He said he had invested in an X11 graphics card ti. WTF, ti is used to play games, not … ». I agree.

To make games of this type you need the cheapest graphics, all you need is ram memory 16GB for rendering and programming. When money gets to your head, you grow more greedy until the real world around you collapses. I think the animations will also take a lot of time.

This is unbeliveable…. Well man you are not the only one there are still teams that make the same games. With this relationship, you only lose the support of patrons and players. I would understand that you have a problem with the work, but I cannot justify lying if it is true that the new version will not be released soon.

What about the polls now? Thank you again for your continued support over the past four years. I really appreciate it. Most Voted Newest Oldest. Inline Feedbacks. Reply to Leoxxx. Reply to Jacku. Reply to Jaden. Milking the Cows. Reply to sara. Reply to fucker. Reply to Punisher. Scumbag Veldrin. Reply to Veldrin.

Reply to Scumbag Veldrin. To be honest though, this is actually gonna be a great game. Reply to Jacku2. Reply to pothb. Sorry for the reply. Keep up the great Work. Reply to koda. Scam reported on Patreon website. We're going to kill this wanker. Reply to HEHE. Reply to Ghost Reply to AliRia. Reply to mr. Milfy Lover. Reply to Miniwand. Reply to Jackass. White people must die. Reply to White people must die.

Milfy city update

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