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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! I do have a major question though are the bad endings gonna stay for Patreon members or are they gonna be released for everyone in the future? They'll likely stay paid, as they're a pretty big part of why it's possible for me to do this full-time, sorry! All kink options are found through sanctum, accessed in the main menu!

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The last thing I expected from a hentai game is character depth, but you delivered. The world is fleshed out, and the characters are both likeable and hateable. I can't really think of any big gripes with the game, except for the lack of futa content. Maybe a way to customize whether or not the girls are futas? Futa content right now mainly depends on having the cock growth spell learned, but I'm planning some natural futa characters down the line!

I beat Edith so Im asking if that is pretty much it for the game until the next update. I did the Desert Base and Farm. I've been trying to go see the queen but I cant because the 2 guards at the door. In transylvania of course. Also how do you get a pass to get to Upper New Ark? You can check your logbook, as well as see the seer in the slums to find out what you haven't done yet!

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For the pass, get the hobo that accepts food to like you! When you sleep, he'll reset, giving you a new hint! For Cassie, visit the slums and force pass the toll guy, then sleep and return to the slums! Reviews for "Lust Doll Plus r Sort By: Date Score. Seems in decently high demand. I killed the Don :. Buwut buwut.

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Lust doll upper new ark

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