Love and sex second base bree

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Log in with itch. So does that mean there are guy in the game? Anyone has completed Bree's story? How to have sex at the beach? And Alexis's threesome? If you own a car, you can take Bree to the beach on a date during the summer. Unfortunately, I got no info on Alexis's threesome. Take alexis to beach and you will see Make sure the LP is at the required level or it won't triggered.

Unless you are into Yanderes, this is why Kylie needs to be avoided because she will kill off characters even the MC and end the game. Yanderes are like this, it's what makes them so appealing! And speaking of Kylie, I am stuck with her at LP50, unable to figure out how to get past her "Flirt with another girl in front of Kylie" storyline. Yeah, I've tried that. No matter what option I choose or any location, it just adds to the Yandere bar and will not trigger. Anyone got any ideas? Well i have been playing for a while it was funny till kyile shows up and zap me then when I scream for help I was not happy to see this but I did not sleep for a day man!

Wtf is this! So i scroll back coz Sasha dies and the seen was not comfortable at all I was about to throw up!

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I was locking my self in my room coz fear! And when I use wiki I found out there is an ending more terrable that this called Christmas murder kyile gives you crismas gift you find out it's Bree's head then she kills you out come game over when I knew that yandere can't get lower I quickly marry Bree to finish the game! Hey, Andrealphus. Is the Discord open to non-patreons, and if so, would you be able to link an invite on the somewhere? Get Aletta and Lavish to help. Audrey gives nothing, and Shiori will set you back so skip Love and sex second base bree and Shiori.

Go buy a Spy Camera. Hack Aletta's computer when you can, it will help fill the investigation bar. Install the Spy Camera in your office before you meet Cassidy at midnight. Go with the 3rd and 4th options from the top down when you get Cassidy to talk. Pretty easy to do. You should have alleta LP 50 so she give you info files and befor attending midnight metting with Cass you should have installed spy cam in your office before so you record her and be clear she will be your dog after that warning shironi gives minus investigation points so don't ask her and you need alot of knowledge so don't attend Friday party before getting ready by alleta and knolage.

Can someone tell me. Have u tried going down the alley at 22 pm? You should be able to trigger that event after the mugging. But if you don't wanna lose your money I suggest you workout so you could defend yoursel. Do you mean the one where the band practices? You need to them near the beginning of the game by knowing how to play guitar. Took me a while u have to be in city friday and hit wait when it goes to sasha should come to youmust have done the her making noise in hall scene. Is it compulsory to increase Kylie yandere level? What happens at the end of the year?

Does another one start or does the game end automatically? Nope if that happened when some girls are eliminated they will never comeback again the only choice is restart over again. Can someone tell me how to get luck in the game without getting it in the traits cause Emma is not available to me and because I don't have luck traits. If you don't pick "I'm unlucky", the option for "I'm pretty lucky" will appear on the next choice, but the consensus is that it's better to pick "I'm hung".

In autumn, go to the park at I got a giant bug i ran in front of hanna and the love stat stopped at 50 some other girls got that bug from nothing stopping at 50 but all quest complete with her thats bug or i did something wrong or she is under maintenance? Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser.

Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Deleted 1 year ago. How to go in main menu in android. RyanCardoza 1 year ago. Tanu 1 year ago. Help alexis LP stuck at Luciferking 1 year ago. Date with her For now her limit at 60LP.

Chucky17 1 year ago. Can anyone share mod apk or data pls. MioRuDA 1 year ago. Andrealphus 1 year ago. There are 2 and more to come. Deleted post 1 year ago. Wrong answer Different question different answer? Lord Nuxanor's Squire 1 year ago.

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I took Bree on a date at the beach, but she just gave a blowjob. Scorpionking 1 year ago. How to get Morgan to 63 Lp? Give her presents and take her to date in several places. Suspended 1 year ago. Show post Slylacerda 1 year ago. I have the same problem as well.

Issei The Oppai Master 1 year ago. Joe 1 year ago 1 edit. Yandere does lower an inificant amount whenever Kylie gives you her cookies. Scorpionking 1 year ago 2 edits. Hey Andrealphus Is the threesome with Sasha and Scottie in the game yet? I need help to complete Bree story.

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How to fuck her on the beach? Luffy 1 year ago. How to activate shower or pool blowjob event I already maxed out Bree and shasa. Gameboy 2. Choose option C or D From above to bottom i just assumed A,B,C,D. That's right. Is there a mod version for Android?

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Can anyone share save data. Dooood 1 year ago. Make her as your pet. Choose options C or D when you meet with her at midnight. Where I can find arcade. Egonzal 1 year ago. Whats the discord? Jaqueline 13 1 year ago. I can ask when the next update will be?

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ShadowHD days ago. ZeeeZeee 1 year ago. Can someone tell me how to open option menu in game? Bree Erson 1 year ago. Just swipe from the down to up. Thanks but what of Android? How to unlock the studio pls anyone. Davetiger 1 year ago. Hey Andrealphus, can you post a link to the Discord?

Leozeth 1 year ago.

Love and sex second base bree

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