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There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread. And that loaf in their belly gives them access to the Bread of Life. Communion is the act of breaking bread to remember that Jesus came for the broken.

Then he broke it and gave. Thanksgiving precedes the miracle—the miracle of knowing all is enough. Eucharisteo —Jesus embracing and giving thanks kristen archives home his kristen archives home preceded the miracle. The miracle happens in the breaking.

Not-enough was given thanks for, and then the miracle happened: There was a breaking and a giving—into a kind of communion—into abundant filling within community. Last week the residents at Rehema House learned to bake bread. In their bread-baking lessons, they mixed and kneaded and waited for the bread to rise. They kneaded and waited. They broke the bread. Please consider sharing your abundance to provide daily bread to those in need. I didn't really mean to quit blogging. But here we are more than 6 months between blog posts and I realize that maybe I kristen archives home actually quit blogging.

A lot of things were cancelled in Like you, I spent most of the year riding the wild wave of the pandemic and holding on for dear life. Keeping my head above water mentally, keeping my family safe and trusting God to keep Mercy House going-- took every ounce of strength. My blog was hacked and the fight to recover it was exhausting. The other day I mentioned a fond memory to my. My husband, youngest daughter, the dogs and I had driven halfway between our college kids' university to meet up for dinner.

As you do when you're all homesick for each other. We grabbed dinner to go and ate at a park--very global pandemic. I was meandering down memory lane, as moms do, and they all stopped and looked at me like I was crazy, "Mom, you're talking about Spring Break. That wasn't years ago I have dreamed of writing ren's book for more than 30 years. Well, I did it! And do you know what's even better? I wrote it for Mercy House Global and one of my friends and employee illustrated it and that makes me so happy. It's pretty amazing to check something off your bucket list in a year like As our 10th year of ministry as a non-profit approached, I started thinking about a celebration and someone suggested we have a giant birthday party for This is the true story of Mercy House Global.

At first news of the global pandemic in March, I knew it would make what we do in Kenya more difficult and even more critical. I'll never forget the moment of clarity I had in the middle of the pasta aisle. It was the day after I returned from a trip to Kenya with my family. I ran into an old friend next to the spaghetti sauce and she hugged me and said, "so, was your trip to Kenya just ah-maazing!?!? It's the tone used to describe a memorable vacation in an exotic place with a lot of exclamation points.

Before I could answer, she said, But we also chatted around the table last night about the loss of youth group this summer; the loss of full weeks of summer camp. And now, nearly all extra-curriculars cancelled. So as we head I knew what was coming. The lump formed in my throat long before I heard the "Welcome Home" chant of the mask-covered students waving arms and s in front of my son's college dorm.

I had been here before with my daughter. This is it, I thought as the students escorted my son away with his belongings and left me crying in the car I was told to park. My next thought was they lied. Whoever told me launching my babies into the world gets easier wasn't tell the truth.

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