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CyanideBlizzard here with a very special update. In the Life! Version 1. As our first project, not just as a group but for myself and NinetyTwo, we knew that it would have some issues. This is more of a personal thing as oppose to anything that needed addressing, but in our quest to give a little back to the KonoSuba community we wanted to revisit this once we had more experience. The updated version is represented by the 1. Any other version is considered outdated, and if you would be so kind as to spread that around as much as possible we would appreciate it.

As with the original, if there are any issues we happened to miss, or questions you have, please do not hesitate to let us know! We hope you enjoy all the little translation fixes we offered to make this a more definitive experience, and happy explosions to you all! We had discussed making this our next project, but because of the complications of translating for the Vita we simply never bothered. However, with another game on the horizon I see no reason to not consider this avenue.

If you happen to know of someone that does Vita translations, or is interested in the project please do not hesitate to reach out! With that in mind, as we finished up on KonoSuba! What project should we work on next? Fukkatsu no Beldia. With that in mind, we are also looking for someone who knows anything about Hex Editing.

Because of how the game is set up, it requires us to actually get into the game itself in order to change some of these things and sadly that goes beyond my area of expertise. SheeP will be ing us for the QC process, primarily in the play testing aspect. SheeP basically has been checking out how things look in game alongside myself, and offering visual references to the TL and QC staff when needed. However, just as we finished up I found that a new challenger appeared! Originally, I expected it to be an entirely different location so I ended up missing it during my initial extraction.

Entirely my fault, but thanks to Archeia it has now been extracted. Adding in that we have now confirmed the QC for documents 1 — 3, which covers the introduction, town, main story and side quests, this leaves us time to devote all of our resources to taking care of the final doc. If everything goes well, the next time I update will be to release the fully translated game! Fantastic news today, as Gungnir Heart just finished the last section required for the story. What does this mean? That everything, apart from Quests and doing some final checking on other segments, has been konosuba game pc english Yes and no.

We completed the main story elements, but the side stories were still untranslated as they were separate instances outside of the chapter sections. However, now those are done as well which fully completes the story of KonoSuba! What this means is the document will now be awaiting approval from yuNS before being marked off as ready to release. Konosuba game pc english the amount of QC work increasing, we are thrilled to bring on the second component of Gungnir Heart, Poitriot.

To give you a bit of information behind this team that is making all of this happen, Gungnir Heart is composed of a two-person team. The main translator konosuba game pc english this project, and translator for Gungnir Heart, is NinetyTwo. The second component of that team is Poitriot, who handles the QC and TS for Gungnir Heart, and they have now ed us to help alleviate the larger workload that has recently developed. While this is not an official logo for Gungnir Heart, this is what will be used for the game. Everyone else will be credited in the ending credits.

Myself included. This is a really big point for me, personally speaking, as I get to pitch in to a far greater degree and start play testing in order to make sure everything looks professional as well. This is something that has been done during various points in this process, but now with the main story translation done I can really start to comb through the game and see if there was anything that I missed as well as the presentation of the text and general layout.

We absolutely cannot wait to present this to you, and each progress report brings us that much closer as well. Aozora Kei has ed us to help out with the QC, and as a result our focus has been entirely on that since the main story translation is completed. So far, everything has been shaping up rather nicely and I thought I would share some of our progress with you as well in terms of screenshots from in the game! The original introduction segment was only translated up to a point, primarily before perspectives changed. This is from the second half of that segment!

Originally, only the first toad battle was translated. Last, but certainly not least, I had to take a segment with Darkness. We are also thrilled to have an internal projection date of completion, however we would be uncomfortable disclosing that in case of any complications or so forth. Right now, we are doing so in our spare time and making sure we not only capture an accurate translation but also an authentic one to the way yuNS approached it and also to the series itself. We are fans of KonoSuba first and foremost, and believe in representing the series as best as we possible can.

This is our first endeavor in a project of such a magnitude, and we want this to be as good as it can be before putting it out there. That way, you can fully enjoy this fun little game that tachi made without hitting any brick walls with either language or quality. We will, however, not be touching any of the game play aspects. We want to bring to you as authentic of an experience as possible and as a result this is only a translation and not any sort of a fix or modification. Search for:. Greetings you loyal devotees of Eris, CyanideBlizzard here with a very special update.

Greetings everyone! We really hope that you enjoyed our second release. Greetings everyone, CyanideBlizzard here! Greetings once again, fellow adventurers! Secondly, our current progress. As of right now, this is how things are looking. Until next time, try not to let Wiz sell you anything from her shop. Greetings once again, everyone, CyanideBlizzard here. Note : The text is subject to change during the continued QC process of the game.

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Konosuba game pc english

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