Hf patch honey select

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Forums Games Post Reply. Please use this thread to announce your findings about how to make your favorite JP release mods work with the Fakku release, or for MODs specifically created for the Fakku release. Well, it'll give her a bumhole.

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Also there's additional zips for better fluid textures and more pubic hair patterns. They say in that thread: SBX2. Exe and Data folder to "HoneySelect IPA 3. Badfeet wrote Are we just going to have to sacrifice the translation in order to mod? After installing a bunch of them at some point mine was back to Japanese.

Also seemed to not work with SBXU because the girl looked fine except the vagina texture was completely broken. Telemnar wrote Just wanted to post my findings here.

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PS: I never played the original Japanese release and so I'm not sure whether I installed any of these correctly, but I followed all of their respective instructions. If anyone has modded the game as much as I have and can offer some help or guidance, let me know.

SBX Works fine; all of the extras associated with this mod works perfectly as well. This might have caused the telescoping penis glitch to come back though. When I installed this mod, everything was changed back to Japanese, and was "updated" to version 1. Since the mod doesn't actually come with any of the DLC's files, none of the menu choices associated with the DLC actually work. For instance, while the game lets you choose a second male and female character, you cannot actually use them. You're still stuck with the vanilla animations.

Other than those admittedly huge drawbacks, it works. Character models are improved, and the game looks a lot better as a result. Some text and dialogue boxes have reverted back to Japanese, this includes the Achievement list and some menu options.

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There also seems to be a problem whenever an event occurs; only one word appears on the choices and makes it impossible to read the entire thing. One thing it does do well is add roughly translated subtitles for H-scenes.

Most other mods seem to absolutely require the DLC to work at all. Coiffure Hair Mod pack appears to work with no issues. BeanBean wrote Platypussy wrote The Neon Reaper. I'm usually the one needing help, not giving it out. So, apologies in advance for my mess of a post haha.

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Here goes Roy12's hair2wigs 2. Will check the rest except 5 and report back if I encounter any issues. Mainly new here but did get the Zeaska's wings mod to work and Elins ears and tails to work in game. I tried going through the Launcher to switch the size, but then it says "Honey Select Unlimited Launcher has stopped responding" and I need to close it.

Am I just stuck playing in a smaller window? Or do I need to change some stuff after getting WideSlider working to let Launcher adjust the size? Make sure you extracted all contents of the release archive. Twitter Discord.

Hf patch honey select

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