Game show walkthrough

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Welcome to a future where robots rule. Building computers to compete on TV game shows seemed like a funny idea — until the machines wanted more. Now, after years of robotic dominance, Poptropica needs a savior.

Are you clever enough to beat the robots at their own games, and restore the dignity of all Poptropicans? Welcome to Game Show Island, where a robot revolution has rendered humans slaves to machines. The first thing to do is head left, and bounce on the bouncy roof of the Robo-Bling Boutique. Once at the roof, you will see a red Toolkit. Grab it, and jump back down. Make it a reasonable height; your Poptropican must be able to jump onto it. Keep on making it go up, and alternating sides to make it go up.

When you finally get to the top, go left, and click on the computer with the glowing red dot. An obstacle blocking a passage will open. Go through it, and use your toolkit. With your screwdriver, click and hold on each of the screws, and rotate left until they pop out. Go outside, and all the way to the right. Go inside, and talk to the owner. So take out your electric fan, and fan him. Exit the club, and go all the way left.

Give him the nickel. Follow them by going outside and using your electric fan to push you up to this window. Then use your toolkit to poke your way in. The Inventor will not believe you went in. As he runs away, he will activate a mini obstacle course. Go to the highest floor, and push the record player onto the little elevator thingy.

You go down too, and try going right. Go in the door, and game show walkthrough the Inventor will explain to you the truth. Land in Istanbul, and go right. Do not pass! Talk to the construction worker. The task is to move the second to the fourth, and each piece can only go on something heavier than itself.

Piece 1 is the blue one on top, piece two is the long gold one, piece 3 is the beige one, and piece 4 is the gold heavy one, at the bottom. First, put piece 1 on the third base. Then piece 2 on the fourth base. Then pick up piece 1 and put it on top of piece 2. It should look like this:. Now put piece 3 on the third base. Pick up piece 1 and put it over piece 4. It should now look like this:. Put piece 4 on the fourth base, and piece one on top of it. Put piece 2 on base 2. It will look like this:. Now piece 1 on top of piece 2, and piece 3 on piece 4. Piece 1 on third base and piece 2 on piece 3.

Finally, place piece 1 on piece 2. Use it. Time to show those robots how awesome you are! The first challenge is Darkness Dive. Your task is to get the glow stick and get it to its place in time. Swim game show walkthrough, right, down, left, down, and then right to reach the glow stick. Beware the evil fishies. The next challenge is Creeper Keepers. You need to grab up a creature and put it in its correct bag. Grab the rats, spiders, and snakes as fast as you can. You only have to raise them a tiny bit above the bin openings to get them in.

You have to manage to stay balanced. Push a little harder when near a fan. Trouble in Miami! Go talk to the sad-looking robot. Great, now you need to catch all of his prizes. Because thou art a good person. The CrazyRoboLady will throw down three prizes, each higher than the rest.

To ensure a safe passage, you need to step on each window sill, and tilt it, making a path straight to the robot. Use it! Spin for Riches is pretty much like Wheel of Fortune. You get to spin, and guess a letter. If you think you know the phrase, solve it! After landing on Buenos Aires, go left until you see this big gold robot. Click on the gold rings, under the clock, and turn them. The outer ring will be ring 1. The middle ring will be ring 2.

The ring in the middle will be ring 3. First, click the 1. Then the 3. Then the 2. This challenge is basically like the game Mastermind. What you have to do is guess the right code color combination for the helicopter to land. The code is different for game show walkthrough player. First row, leave everything blue. The robot will tell you which color is correct. Second, everything yellow. Then purple. Then orange. The helicopter will land. Go talk to the robot coming out of it.

After getting all the answers answered, pick your second best subject. If you find it harder than you thought, pick something else. For the final wager, you need to calculate carefully. Think about the subject, and how much the other robots have. When you land, talk to the BotCop. To beat this puzzle, click quickly on the pieces of the circuit to form a complete path.

Call on your jet, and go to Main Street. Go straight right, and drop straight down, before the museum. Go down the hole to meet up with the Inventor. In this part, you have to solve sliding puzzles on each computer you come across to game show walkthrough one end of the yellow tube with the other end. You can tell which piece goes where by matching the colors on the ends.

Each time you solve one, keep moving until you find the next puzzle. When you get to the main Holmes computer, put in the thumb drive, and voila! You will be awarded the Island Medallion and credits for the Poptropica Store. Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help !

Game show walkthrough

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