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There are some great things about Sims that, if applied to reality, could vastly improve everyone's lives. CAS, motherlode, relationship bars, unicorns, job and residential security, and the ability to delete people who annoy you. However if the Sims became reality, there would be a lot of unfortunate side effects and consequences of that transition. Glitches would become a thing, death would be so easy, naughty people would be trapped in windowless rooms with lit stoves, and the reality of the possibility that some cruel deity might just delete you from existence would be hard to come to terms with.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact that you cannot say 'same' to any of these posts because, trust me, this is not an article that you want to relate to. Just imagine ordering take out, just being so jazzed at the prospect of having some delicious food be funny sims tumblr and delivered to your doorstep, receiving the food, and then have the sudden urge to throw it all out before you get to taste a single bite. Be thankful that you are not a Sim and that you can feel free to eat and order pizza whenever you please.

This girls thought they were the luckiest girls in the entire world. Their rockstar idol took interest in them and they thought that maybe their dreams of marrying their celeb crush would come true. Then they all, collectively, have their hearts broken when they realized that the love of their life was nothing than a creepy, womanizing, loser who had slept with every other girl in the neighbourhood. Although he would look great mounted on my wall.

You just have to fire off a couple of warning shots before you disappear from his life for good. I have incredibly weak wrists that are unfortunately attached to frail, bendy, noodle arms. When I took swimming lessons as a kid, I was never able to pull myself out of the pool like the other. Therefore, if some angry God took away the ladder while I was swimming in a pool, I might have to go out like a Sim and swim until I die. After they took away the boolprop deaths in Sims 2 where you could enter a cheat, hit shift, open a pie menu, and select from a handful of great deaths to kill any Sim instantly the second best way to kill off an unwanted Sim is to trap them in the pool and let them swim to death.

When I first got Sims 4 and they had removed the pools, I had no idea how to dispose of my female Sims shady husband. This death is just like R. There is nothing you can do in this tiny room except accept your death and wait for the grim reaper to show up.

Although, once you die the party can finally begin. You can haunt your family for all of eternity and no one, except the God that killed you, can stop you from living out your wildest poltergeist dreams. That point alone should be enough to make you funny sims tumblr better about your humanity. You, unlike a Sim, have the amazing ability to walk around objects, climb over them, or simply move them if they are slightly in your way. Count your blessings, humans.

That pales in comparison to the idea of being trapped in a sad death chamber and then being forced in wallow in your own filth and humiliation until the sweet hand of death finally relieves you from your drywall and plaster prison. Imagine accidentally sleeping in and then suddenly waking up to find yourself in a 1X1 room, with no way out, and having to accept the fact that you are going to die there.

Why must we always kill our Sims? What have they done to deserve funny sims tumblr tyranny? They put out fires, arrest burglars, save cats from trees, help you with your injuries, and make sure the emergency stops being an emergency. However, Sims are not so lucky. When their emergency responders arrive on the scene, they eat their food, play with their pets, shame you for your poor life decisions, steal your books, hit on your spouse No, I got nothing.

I have no idea how to respond to this post. Who thinks of things like this? Imagine if you went into the basement to go recover your families tupperware containers of Christmas decorations and you came across this non descript doorless room. You press your ear against the drywall and you hear strange sounds coming from this strange room. You return upstairs and question your family, but no one knows anything.

Later that night, you descend back into the basement and break down the wall to find an artistic goblin has been living in your basement for an unknown length of funny sims tumblr and has been supplementing your family's income. One great thing about being a human being is that there is a relatively low risk that funny sims tumblr ex is going to make a real life clone of you to replace your and then murder them for their own pleasure. Some people need that outlet. They need to create a sim and murder them to get their rage and aggressions out. Murder the Sim, I mean. That would be a bad miscommunication.

It may involve ruining a few marriages, breaking some hearts, ending some lives, and cheat coding away some children; but either way, your Sim is going to achieve all of their dreams. If I am having a plumbing emergency, I expect the plumber that I hire to get his chizz together and fix my pipes. If I came into the kitchen and saw my plumber dancing in the puddles created by the broken pipes while water shoots out of my broken sink like a fountain and showers his dancing form, I would fire him before he could finish his kick-ball-change.

I would like to thank human service people for their competency because I do not even know what I would do if I came into my kitchen or bathroom and saw that outlandish display. The plumber stood outside my Sims front door, threw a fit, charged me her service fee, and then went home. If glitches occured in the human world, everything would fall apart within days.

Sorry demon child but I cannot love something so horrifying. I was playing Sims last night and a stray dog wandered into my living room and when I went to get a closer look at him, he shot up vertically and was suddenly 6 feet tall. I have no idea what human me would do if I went to pet a dog and it shot up six feet in the air. No thank you, I like my reality the un-glitchy and simple way it is.

It feels too good to be true but you just used your scale for the first time in months and the it showed surprised you. How had you not realized that you had gained so much weight since the spring? Can brand new scales be broken? You decide to give this new product a try. You call the that is flashing on the screen, pay the You for it, bring it into your living room, tear it open, and read the instructions.

You take a pill before dinner and a second before bed and you go to sleep. You wake up the next morning feeling considerably lighter but when you pull back your covers to step out of bed, you see that your body has disappeared entirely. Once again, thank goodness we do not have to deal with glitches in our human world. Sims can drown, burn alive, be killed by eating bad magic jelly beans, starve, be cursed by a mummy, shocked to death in a tomb, electrocuted while mucking around with the TV, or even die while accidentally performing a magic spell when their magic counter was too low.

Imagine a world where you could glitch and shove an object through another person without injuring them at all. I think kids would use this as a game. I think adults would see this as something insanely rude. Instead of spitting on someone you are trying to disrespect, you just shove a mop through their stomach.

I imagine that glitching would be quite embarrassing as well. Glitches would destroy the human world and I am so grateful to be a human and not a Sim. Zooey Norman is a writer, mother, and film enthusiast. This tender-hearted optimist spends her days rereading the same books she has had since childhood, loves nothing more than a good behind the scenes featurette, and never manages to finish her tea before it gets cold.

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Funny sims tumblr

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