Femme tens machine instructions

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Tens - when to start using and did it help? Hi there Does anyone have a copy of the instructions that go with the Femme Tens Machine please? Its the square purple Tens machine, not the newer rounded model I would be sooo grateful if anyone could help me out, maybe send me a link to where I could download them online - I have searched and not found them - or if anyone would be willing to photocopy their instructions and post them to me - or maybe scan them in, pdf them and them to me??

Anyway will do! ManyThanks Louise xx. See last answer. Bad ature. Search for a thread. Emma T Is there any of you lovely Mummies that could please copy and post me the instructions, id be most gratefull. Labour and birth Femme Tens Instructions. Labour and birth Tens Machine During Labour? I've still got a couple of months to go until D'day but I'm keen to try this out before then. There are a few too many dials for me femme tens machine instructions feel safe just having a play so if anyone could help it's be much appreciated.

Many thanks Jane. If anyone needs these urgently I'm happy to scan and to this thread tonight. Just getting DD ready for bed but will do it this evening. Many thanks for your kind offer Laura but after much searching I've finally found the instruction on the web - I've posted them here in hope that other people looking will find them too. I would also love to have a look at the instructions for this particular tens machine, I could not find them on the attached link?

Would it be possible to up load the link again Thank you. Hi Rebekah, I can see we have found quite and old thread. Have you had any luck with finding instructions? I couldn't find any on-line either, but found this video for the other model of Babycare TENS, which can easily be applied to the purple rectangular Femme TENs, makes sense to me, anyway Sure my partner will know ;- Hope this helps. If you found full instructions manual, please let me know.

Many thanks. Labour and birth Tens - when to start using and did it help? Can't find your answer? Help See chat rules.

Femme tens machine instructions

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Femme TENS machine. Can anyone help? Instructions are rubbish!!