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Alright, lets destroy the taboo surrounding cuckolding once and for all. Are you ready? Get ready, because female domination tumblr you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When it comes to cuckolding, you have to see it for what it is, rather than what you think it is. First of all, cuckolding is not required to have a successful, happy, and wonderful female led relationship. So in the end, it really boils down to if cuckolding is in alignment with you both as a couple, or not, and whether or not, you can get female domination tumblr alignment with it.

Cuckolding is often something that is worked toward as the relationship progresses, as each partner becomes more confident in their role as dominant and submissive, cuckolding is just the next natural step to take. The reason for this, is because it really does require a lot of inner work in both partners. A dominant cannot hang onto insecurity and be fully dominant. You see, this inner work, changes mindsets as the relationship evolves. Then this gradually evolves into slightly more into letting go of inhibitions, a little more experimental, a little more exploring.

What was once fun, has become the expectation. She becomes a little more dominant in time, and he becomes a little more submissive in time. Less inhibitions, more power exchange. So naturally, it gets to a point where she has discovered that keeping him denied and very horny, is the best place to keep him, all of the time. She discovers, its up to her, if she wants him out of that state or not.

So now the dilemma of intercourse comes along, and sure, she can make him use a strap on, or a face dildo, and have him pretend to be good at the rough sex she craves from time to time, and this can work maybe beautifully. He loves providing her pleasure, and being kept denied for her. He knows her sex life has nothing to do with him, and he wants to make sure she is pleasured. Many submissives find the idea is very hot, and encourage their dominant to cuckold them.

Or jealous of her lover. The idea that she could do it, when he really only loved female domination tumblr fantasy of it. The reality hits him like a truck. He either does the inner work because of that, or it ruins him and his relationship to her, feeling betrayed. This is why cuckolding should never be rushed, and should be adequately communicated about with each other. There should be no secrets between each other, all fantasies and all fetishes, and all feelings, should be on the table in plain view, at all times.

When she gets the urge to cuckold him because some cute guy hit on her at the gym, she should be able to go home and tell her submissive about it, just to gauge his reaction. Which should be an honest reply of how he really feels about it. A sense of belonging, or a sense of ownership. The becoming dominant and submissive to each other is over, they have become dominant and submissive to each other. Which means, she gets to act single, if she wishes, when she is out and about.

Her pleasure, is his pleasure, and he wants that for her. He encourages that for her. He may help her accomplish it, if she wants him to. She may have him get her ready for dates, picking out a cute outfit, or driving her to her date. He may help her get ready for the date, shaving her legs, after bathing her. The fantasy of the cuckolding can become a very intimate experience and bring them very close together. Cuckolding can start out gradually like all other things, and build up to more and more involvement for her submissive. Maybe it then graduates to her inviting her lover to her house.

Maybe her cuckold is in the same room, maybe not. He feels owned and in complete bliss knowing she comes home to him. That he is hers, and she cuddles him afterward. He loves her through allowing her to come back to him. That she is free, and she loves him because of that freedom. He is her rock. He is the one she trusts more than anyone in the world. Nothing can replace him. Cuckolding can bring about that realization. He has nothing to do with her sex life, yet everything to do with it.

Which is exactly what submission is. Because an attachment to an outcome, is an attempt to control. He gets the outcome she wants him to have. A lot of what people think are limits, are just inhibitions that can be overcome in time, with inner work. You have to become a cuckold couple, to understand that. There is nothing wrong with being monogamous. But you have to ask yourself, is it you making the choice, or is it society making the choice for you?

Cuckolding is not cheating, rather, It is a direct result of the unfolding of natural female desire. Where she understands that monogamy was just another instilled taboo to control her. She realizes she can have the best of both worlds, having an attentive submissive to cater to her sensual sexual nature, to provide her with everything she wants, and a lover to give her the sex she craves, liberating her to explore her sexuality beyond her wildest dreams.

Which means, since she gets the best of both worlds, her submissive does female domination tumblr, because he belongs to her, and her pleasure is his pleasure, her happiness, his happiness. They both get the best of both worlds, because neither of them, want it to be any other way.

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Female domination tumblr

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