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Editor's Warning: This article contains fantastic cc content and it not suitable for children. If you are under age please navigate away from this article immediately. Thank you. It is no secret that sex sells. I have ly highlighted the work of GOOD Magazine in creating this video explaining the porn industry and its financial success. That said, pornography generates interest fantastic cc revenue both online and off and it was only a matter of time before Web 2.

Zivity is one startup doing some interesting things in the space by enabling anyone to create and post their own videos, photos and other content and generate revenue for doing so. My friend Orli Yakuel has also ly pulled together an article showcasing a of Porn 2. It has other social features so users can create profiles and connect with one another.

It also leverages 'folksonomy' or user tagging to help organize and categorize site content. In addition to videos Fantasti. I am not advocating viewing, creating or selling pornography I just wanted to point out that Fantasti. It's no wonder Fantasti. If you like my insights and perspective in this article please my inner circle here. Tags: Community, Fantasti. Reblog 0. Archives Profile Subscribe.

Fantastic cc

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