F95zone fallen angel

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Build relationships with your girls and decide whether to grow their trust to become their lover, or build their submission to become their master.

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Warning: this game contains graphic violence. Track progress to next major update here. Note from the Developer: Save files from versions are not compatible, BUT, there is an option at the beginning of the game to immediately start at Act 2. Added mechanic to craft Medicine. Added choice of three game modes normal, easy, gallery. Bugs: Fixed file naming error causing image not to show when having missionary sex with Michaela in her underwear. Quality of Life: Reduced file size by converting scene images from png to jpg format and compressing with the Cruncher — Game Compactor Thank you bas and megalol on F95Zone.

Added ability to Talk To girls by clicking their names on the right side of the main f95zone fallen angel screen. Added two new Base Upgrades for resource generation. Improved Features: Improved male and female climax mechanics in player-controlled sex system Added sprite visuals for 20 Dialog Events. My Fallen Angels v0. Images Changelogs. Four dream sequences expand on the narrative in Act 1 of MFA. The other four dream sequences are randomly occurring events. Added over 50 new dialogue events. Added dildo masturbation to the player-controlled sex system.

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Added dildo variations to four existing rendered scenes. Added two new Base Upgrades. Added feature to find canine companion and keep him at the base. Added feature to indicate what items can be expected at scavenging locations. Removed feature causing scavenging to end when gunshots are fired. Download the Walkthrough file here. Send me an when this game has an update. Share with friends.

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F95zone fallen angel

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