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Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Support UI. X Donate. New posts Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Forums Hardware Motherboards. Next Sort by votes. Dec 11, 23 0 10 0. I bought a system with this board in it, it seemed to work alright. I transferred all of the parts into a new case, and upgraded the gtx Ti it came with to a gtx I tried it with the old graphics card, but nothing happened either.

Basically the pc boots when hdmi is plugged into the mobo, running off of extreme board forum graphics. But anything plugged into the gpu with send no al. Please help! Thank you! Phantek eclipse p case. Darkbreeze Retired Mod. Jun 24, 68, 4,8, This would be the least expensive unit I'd recommend as being even moderately reliable for use with a gaming card like the GTX You want something with a w or higher capacity for that graphics card, minimum.

When it doubt, bookmark and reference THIS for future reference when you need to determine what capacity of power supply to pair with a given graphics card. Assume that it is correct if you are looking at quality units. Add about another w if you are looking at mediocre middle of the road units. Don't use cheap units, at all, ever.

You can start by getting a different power supply. One that might actually stand a chance of supporting either of those graphics cards. The one you have now, is probably struggling just to support the integrated graphics if we're being honest. One or two of these brands listed below MIGHT have a single model or two that are cut from a completely different mold than what that brand is known for, but overall, if they are listed below they are primarily known for selling just plain junk and in many cases, very dangerous junk that lacks adequate protections or cannot even manage to sustain a fraction of whatever rated capacity their products might indicate on the specifications label.

If it's related to power supplies After I looked on extreme board forum, it seems says the wattage is aboutso around w. This is all for a friend, and extreme board forum main system is running the thermaltake w. What country are you in Carl? Ok thanks so much for the help.

Anytime man. That's what we're here for. It's what we do, and it's how YOU learn. So, Darkbreeze, I went to BestBuy to ask GeekSquad just for their opinion, the guy there said it was probably just to motherboard going bad. The motherboard was working with the Ti before I built the pc, but now it works with no gpus.

He tried to install drivers, but windows found none. When we restarted the pc, device manager no longer had an unknown device the display driver was still intel he graphics cause it was running off of the mobo. So, I wanted to see your opinion on this. Mar 16,8,22, I went to BestBuy to ask GeekSquad just for their opinion One way I do have maybe diagnose this problem is to use a different mobo.

I build my system a few months ago, and our old pc is sitting around with a known working mobo and ik. I could take out the mobo, put in that one, and test. Do you think this is a good way to figure it out? I do have a bootable Windows install usb flash drive. ThatGuyCarl said:. I can boot to windows off of integrated graphics, but plugging anything into the gpu will result in no al from the gpu.

I bought this system used a month ago, where it worked alright when I tested it to make sure it worked it took a couple of triesbut eventually it booted and worked every boot after that. It came with a gtx Ti, but I decided to put it into a new case, only changing obviously the case and the gpu to a The fans on the gpu run, but no al from it. The fans also run off only the pcie slot, while not plugged into the pci power supply cable. A guy on intel forums gave me an update link via usb, I tried it but it only updated to the same version, so nothing there.

Nothing you do is of any value, or importance really, until that High Power unit is out of the system and a unit that can be trusted as reliable and of sufficient capacity for the system is IN it. Until then, you are wasting your time, and chasing ghosts. And potentially putting your hardware at risk. They are idiots, plain and simple. Being as I happen to know the managers for two Best Buy locations, and the people who work in those Geek Squad departments, first hand, I can tell you for certain that they shouldn't be trusted to screw in a light bulb much less make determinations about anybody's computer system or hardware.

If you want to believe what they tell you, that is your business, but you are setting yourself up for a pile of trouble if you do. Put a quality power supply in that system FIRST, then if the problem is not solved, which is likely will be but of course there is ALWAYS a chance of the issue being something else, at least then you will know FOR SURE that it is not the piece of crap power supply that is currently in there gasping for air like a county fair gold fish that's been dropped onto the sidewalk.

Doing anything other than that is just a waste of time. If it doesn't fix the problem, THEN worry about other solutions knowing that you won't be following false le due to a stump head PSU. Ok lol. Would this psu be a good option? Third-Eye Splendid. Jun 26, 2, 21, That's absolutely not true at all.

So the could be anything from fish out of water to it works to smokefest. But, it's definitely worth a try changing to the integrated graphics just to see if the system WILL give a display without the demands of the discreet graphics card. You will want to completely remove the graphics card from the motherboard before attempting to power on the system with the display cable attached to the motherboard video output though.

It does boot via integrated graphics. Is the evga w psu model mentioned extreme board forum something that you would recommend? It is outsourced to a third rate manufacturer and it shows in the final product. It's an attempt to ride extreme board forum name they built for themselves using Super Flower platforms without having to pay for Super Flower's better platforms. Personally, without seeing a reputable review of that unit showing it is quiet, has good performance and is reliable, it would be a big fat NO in my book. Buying a power supply that has no professional reviews is like going to a hospital and picking somebody in a white coat at random to do your heart surgery.

It makes no sense at all and you would never do it. Should be the same thing here. The Corsair CX unit I linked to above, which is a gray label CX model, not an older green label unit, is the best unit you are going to find anywhere near that price range.

If you want a power supply that is even moderately better than that, you wil need to pay around 20 dollars more. I will probably go with the Corsair model. Again, thanks for the help. And, you think w would be enough for this system?

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