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Feel free to leave feedback! I've got lots of ideas stewing in the back of my head, more than I'll ever be able to write out, but you might help me decide what to do first. Hey guys! I know I've been quiet for a while, thought I should check in and let everyone know I've finished the first prototype for a new game! You can get all the info on my latest blog post! Also, I've been streaming games every Sunday with my closest friends and biggest supporters! And this week we're doing Audience Participation Day, meaning you guys can in and play games with us!

We're gonna start with some Jackbox games, then switch over to browser-based Cards Against Humanity, including some cards I wrote myself! Lithier Writer ed 14 Sep banner by Shalinka. Website FurAffinity. About Lithier. Huzzah, a blog! Home to My Very Own Lith!

I'm part writer, part coder, with just a splash of graphic de, but my specialty is overdoing it on graphic description, character development, and instilling meaning into every situation. If that strikes your fancy, you've got a lot of reading to do! Commissions: Closed for the foreseeable future. Latest Journal posted 21 E621 my very own lith Latest Artwork more artwork Latest Stories more stories An Exquisite Opportunity Pt.

Just wanting to ask if you where going to add more to the Learning Lessons arc. Lithier 4 months ago. That story, as a rarity, I do see as "complete," but it's also the setup for other stories I've already written, as well as the game My Very Own Lith, so you may be interested in those! Jade Wulf-Crimsonpelt 1 year ago. Love your work! Is there any chance of a chapter 6 of To Hold On? Lithier 2 years ago. I do have a lot of ideas for the series still x3 Just have stalled on it a bit recently, I might have started taking it a little too seriously.

Hello Lithier, I am sorry to ask this, i am not too good at navigating around sofurry. Honestly I'm just trying to find a little interactive horse doing whatever x-ratedSorry, hope I dont offend you or your art or anything :. All of my flash game posts are various updates to my text-based game, MVOL. You can choose for your character to be a horse, though your species isn't really the main focus of the game. Hope that helps! Universaliz 2 years ago. Your stories are amazingly good i have never seen such awesone stories, i played MVOL whole day and night and today e621 my very own lith spent whole day on reading your stories, not going to sleep today also, you really inspired me, keep up the good work, maybe i will also write a story.

TwyMouse 3 years ago. Your flash story is just so adorable and exciting! Aruin 3 years ago. Lithier 3 years ago. You can make Lith a girl in the current public version of the game. I don't know what you mean by the installed version, but if you need troubleshooting you should probably either comment on the post involved or PM me. Also, more details about your problem would help. Any new stories on their way? You're the only author I can fap to. TheDragonWhisperer 4 years ago. Vectore Prime 4 years ago. How exactly do you play the game "my very own lith"?

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E621 my very own lith

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