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Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Ryahn Start date Mar 6, 3dcg big tits incest male protagonist milf oral sex rape voyeurism. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. WinterW Member. Jan 9, The0neBL said:. For a scammer he sure has a fuck ton of patreons.

Is he working on any other games don't see any on his patreon though? Also how is he getting away with 2 years of no substantial release.

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I would expect his patreons to have dwindled by now. Last edited: Jan 30, Reactions: MediocreA. HKGlorious Cat and 3 others. The0neBL Member Donor. Feb 22, What has he written in his latest post anyway? Anyway we should be warning people to stay away from his patreon.

I still don't understand how he has the gall to keep posting as if nothing has happened. Reactions: WinterW. Anyway we sure be warning people to stay away from his patreon. Jan 3, Smart gimmick to fool people tho for sure. Last edited: Jan 31, Reactions: A. May 13, Maybe he's really smart and has finished the game completely, but will release it piece by piece over the next ten years?

I know I would do that if I could get away with it. Funny though how the budget i. Reactions: allintine. Jan 5, 69 Dual family[Abandoned] but the memes will never cease to be! Nov 18, Looks like people are starting to drop off. Not nearly enough though. You must be registered to see the links. Nov 14, 17, 6, Reactions: Siddington and A. Glorious Cat Active Member. Jul 25, 1, A message from dual family patreon Captain lostraven I've missed a lot of people sorry I know I did it on my phone so it's pretty View attachment Reactions: Deleted memberhiya02Jim Webb and 3 others.

Agrik Active Member. Sep 15, Reactions: Turret. DonutMan Newbie. Dec 3, 74 Reactions: sob and WinterW.

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DonutMan said:. Have not heard of that site before, but assuming all the s are correct, that's a very interesting graph. There are two reasons I'm curious about this increase: 1 This is over a year after the last game update so I fail to see what is causing renewed interest in the game to be fair I have not looked through his patreon posts so it's possible he was particularly convincing during this period.

I'm very familiar with statistics, but since my background is laboratory research, it's entirely possible I'm missing some obvious business thing.

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Can anyone else explain this oddity? Edit: It occurs to me he could have put his game up on Steam or some other site during this period which would introduce his game to a new audience and thus cause the spike. WinterW said:. No, if that were the case he would show evidence of it and marketing material would feature all the new assets all the time. He has done no work at all since he abandoned the project. What you are assuming makes no sense at all. No rational "milker" would behave like this. By giving new people here this idea that he is just "milking" you are making them believe something for which there is ZERO evidence, but which happens to benefit the scammer "oh he was working after all, better keep giving him money".

Don't help the scammer keep fooling new people. He is a scammer, not a milker. RenegadeRedemption Active Member. Mar dual family patreon, Reactions: qsad. RenegadeRedemption said:. Hey what about me??? TheFapperBoy Active Member. Aug 13, 1, Reactions: qsad and Karen's favorite uncle. Gumdrop is losing followers on patreon.

Reactions: Rythan25Januaryqsad and 6 others.

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Dual family patreon

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