Dream job sex

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Buy at the MoreBooks! Issues surrounding prostitution and those involved in such a controversial profession have always been, and continue to be, an area of much political, legal, moral, economic and academic debate.

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The boom of the sex industry and adult entertainment sector has produced a growth in demand and variety of services offered to those who participate and engage with the global sex economy. As a direct result there is now an increasingly diverse demographic choosing to seek employment within the adult sex market today.

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This publication is based on a qualitative research project carried out in the midlands area of the United Kingdom during The research provides insight into the lives and experiences of student sex workers and highlights how a growing of full and part-time students are now choosing to find work within an aspect of the sex industry as a method of financing their time at university. Key themes that are explored throughout the investigation include; diversity of activity, violence, clients, the body and personal relationships.

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It's not like this is my dream job!

Dream job sex

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