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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. In the first image Sokka and Zuko are drawn from the thigs-up. They are sparring, Sokka has his space sword pointed towards Zuko and Zuko is blocking the blow with his dual swords. They are smiling at each other with a defiant expression.

They are both shirtless and wearing dark red loose fitting pants tied with a lighter red sash with golden pattens. Zuko has his long hair up in a ponytail, while Sokka has his hair in a top knot tied with a red ribbon. In the same image there is another drawing of Sokka and Zuko drawn from the shoulders up, standing next to each other. They have just finished sparring, their hair are in disarray, and they are both sweaty and blushing, pointedly looking away from each other with a flustered expression.

Sokka has a white towel draped around his shoulders while Zuko is using his own towel to wipe the sweat from the side of his neck. In the second drawing Sokka, Ty-Lee, and Zuko are drawn from the waist-up. She is in the middle, smiling widely, and has her arms thrown around Sokka and Zuko. Ty-Lee is wearing pink clothes with a floral pattern, and a wide golden collar ornated with pink gems.

She has her hair in a long braid that falls over her shoulder. At her right Sokka is smiling with a confused expression and leaning into her side. He has a dark blue tattoo around his right bicep, and is wearing two golden band bracelets on his forearms, his hair are tied back with a red ribbon. In the third drawing there are Mai and Sokka standing next to each other, drawn from the waist up. Mai is wearing an elaborate dark maroon hanfu with red patterns, the sleeves and the collar of her clothes have a white lining with black dragon fruit tumblr gold embroidery.

Her hair are tied back in a low bun and kept in place with two silver pins, her lips are painted dark red, and she has two little red dots painted under her eyes. Next to her Sokka is wearing a deep red tunic with short sleeves, a bright red sash tied around the waist, and an ornate red collar that covers his chest and shoulders. His hair are in a top knot tied with a red ribbon. He has his hair down and is wearing the same clothes he had in the second drawing.

In the fourth image there are Sokka and Azula, drawn by profile and facing each other from the opposite sides of a pai-sho board. She has her arms crossed and is looking at Sokka, while Sokka is holding his chin with one hand and is looking pensively at the board. Got some time over the long weekend to actually do stuff, but still struggling to work on anything for any length of time. So quick-ish dragons from a prompt list. Of all of them, I'm actually quite happy with the banana.

He is indeed the top banana. Okay but anannanananananananas cookie? Dragon boi? Peak cookie de in my opinion. And your art makes them even better. More dragon albedo au, but this time- someone with the biggest brain said to add dragon fruit tumblr another dragon to the mix and let them have more pups. Bonus of solis trying to steal the fish while mama tries to make their special dish for their husbands.

Dragon fruit tumblr

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Dragon Fruit