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Fuck Pride, here's some gay has finished! Posts s: first prev 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 next last. Thiamor View games Donald fuck rpg playlists Close. I cannot remember it's name at all, nor does searching for it on here help, but I'm looking for a game on RMN. If I recall it's 2k3 perhaps not and it uses the tile sets if I recall from FF6. The characters, the world, all look like something from Final Fantasy 6. It's donald fuck rpg a steampunk world, and the opening starts out with what I recall as airships flying around, where you can see some flying, and some of the shadows on the ground flying above.

It's a fantasy, steam punk game. Does anyone recall the name of it? Beldarius 0. Beldarius View games View playlists Close. It disappeared off the Internet when GamingW. I'd love to know if somebody still has that game and could it? Another game that I'd like to see is a horror game called Anastasia based on Lovecraft's stories. I loved that game and can't find it anywhere, either. Yet another request for a re: could anyone please provide a working link for Ghosts of Aliens?

Here ya go! Ghost of Aliens V I will continue the grueling search though. Kaliesto Kaliesto View games View playlists Close. There was a classic RPG-maker series called Final Destiny that used to float around the internet. It took me this long to remember, but I fully recall it all now.

Good luck finding it though. Tau RMN sex symbol. Tau View games View playlists Close. Sorry about the Homeland link I put up guys, media fire removed it for copyright infringement, I don't know. They must have thought it was the tv show or something haha. Kaliesto - I hate to break it to you man but there have been quite a few Rpg Maker games released under that name sadly so finding your specific one might be troublesome.

A description of the game you're referring to night help out though. If it was a semi comedic one then I think you may be thinking of Final Fallacy. DorkLord DorkLord View games View playlists Close. I don't think this is a rare or obscure game persay but I can't remember the name of it. It's got a surreal but cheery MSPaint style to it, but not completely terrible. I remember seeing a screenshot where there were these little worm like things with smiles on their faces were popped out of the ground in the middle of town and they were animated.

I think it was made by some Russian guy? On the other hand I could be completely wrong about the Russian thing. It's not Space Funeral or any of the other games by Catamite. Does anybody have the sword and the fish? It's my favorite rm game. Liberty RTP Princess. Liberty View games View playlists Close. Final Fantasy Endless Nova? Oh, wait that was more sci-fi. Fidchell Fidchell View games View playlists Close. Pal88 0. Pal88 View games View playlists Close.

That'll take some hours for me to do donald fuck rpg. Deacon Batista complete b00n. Deacon Batista View games View playlists Close. Dooms 1 by Mr. ZPE He said not to bother with part 1, so I'm not gonna. If he lost it then I guess it's long shot trying to get that. I remember playing it when it was posted on Salt Gaming World. I have Dooms 1, I don't think it's new the updated version though It freaked me out a bit, might be worth a try. I'll see about ing it later. CashmereCat Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob.

CashmereCat View games View playlists Close. Anyone got Memento Vivere? I'm positive no one will have this, but just in case. I'm looking for Rescue Reidman IVany one have it? I tried asking the creator but after he said he'd it, he disappeared off the face of the planet.

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Donald fuck rpg

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