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I'm very conscious of people noticing it while I work out. So Wise men of Reddit, impart me with your wisdom. Edit: Most of y'all told me to wear it proudly so I guess the people in the gym are in for a treat :P. Even having a small dick is noticable in sweat pants. Especially if you get a boner. I wear spandex bike shorts under running shorts. Gives me full range of motion, holds my erections down, keeps my package bulge reddit a smooth silhouette. I see a little silhouette of a man. You bulge reddit always wear restricting underwear if you want, I don't.

It's your fucking dick, if someone is looking for it, then let them see it. I just wish neither of these situations, yours nor mine, were just simply overly sexualised. I second that. You can go commando? I've tried, but it's so uncomfortable. How do you deal with no support when walking? How does one manage to hide their 'bulge' in their sweatpants? Posted by 8 months ago.

Sort by: best. Easy, have a small dick. Can relate. Continue this thread. This is the correct answer. Also the applicable one. Stupid, sexy, Flanders. Bi Male. Don't hide it. It's your fucking dick Are there other kinds? More posts from the AskMen community. It's time to stop.

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Bulge reddit

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How does one manage to hide their 'bulge' in their sweatpants?