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A character suddenly finds their breasts enlarged to often immense levels, via Applied Phlebotinummagic, science, or otherwise. Mostly happens to flat-chested characters suffering from A-Cup Angstthough women on the other side of the spectrum may have it happen as well. When played for fanservice, the actual growth tends to be as important as the final size of the breasts.

It is also frequently played for comedybut this still ends up providing Fanservice. An Overnight Age-Up for women usually guarantees this will happen. If the expansion is merely caused by puberty, there's a separate trope for that. If the expansion is done on a meta-level, see Adaptational Curves. An alternative is Fake Boobs.

Usually le to Gag Boobs. For the whole body see Inflating Body Gag. Example of: Eye Pop. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Conveniently, the laser also made her bra bigger. My maguppies became bazongas! One banned Japanese commercial shows a woman drinking milk and her breasts growing. What Were They Selling Again? A commercial for Brahma features two girls who have their breasts grow as a result of a nearby man blowing up a beach toy.

An advertisement for the racing game Juiced features two teenage boys finding they can enlarge the breasts of a nearby girl and strip her of her clothing by modifying their in-game car. A green tea commercial from Thailand has a woman enlargening her breasts by grabbing her breasts expansion and shoving her stomach fat into her chest. The woman standing next to breasts expansion attempts to do the same thing afterwards, but fails. Chapter three of the manga series Asklepios has the protagonists trying to convince a village girl to let them operate to remove a tumor on her ovaries that's caused a huge increase of her bust size, but at the same time is killing her.

She initially refuses because she thinks her love interest likes big breasts, breasts expansion eventually accepts the surgery when said love interest says he cares about her and not her bust. After the surgery is over, he even says she looks better flat-chested. In an early chapter of the quite obscure breasts expansion Benten-sama ni wa Iwanaide loosely, Don't say that to Bententhis trope is magically invoked by a selfish and petty guy who uses the goddess Benten's power as part of a convoluted plan to publicly humiliate a woman who rejected him. The target's bust begins to slowly and steadily grow as a convenient digital readout conveniently tracks her gradual progress from 80 to centimetersand in the meantime she rashly agrees to fill in at the last minute for the role of a princess in ren's play, which naturally involves wearing a very tight-fitting costume.

Between the enchantment's progress and her fellow actors' energetic antics, the result is as predictable as it is spectacular. In Black Butlerepisode 23, a slightly-endowed Angela tries to tempt Sebastian by showing off her assets, and they actually look bigger than in episodes. Possibly justified by the fact that she's not human anyway.

In A Certain Scientific Railgunthere is an Urban Legend for something called the Bust Upper, that is either a technique or device that can increase breast size. They managed to get hands on a bunch of cards that include one with the Bust Upper info, but because they have to the check the contents of the cards manually and one card at the time, they unknowingly miss out when a crow makes off with the card and drops its in the hands of a Bit Characterwho uses the contents of the card to enlarge her own breasts.

In Changewhen breasts expansion main character's split personalities manifest, her appearance changes due to subtle differences in the placement and internal balance of her muscles necessary for their different combat specialties attack power, speed, and defense. The usual that the childish grappling specialist has come out is that her boobs instantly "grow" big enough to snap her bra or bikini top on occasion. Presumably this is the result of her pectoral muscles pushing them farther out than usual.

Breasts expansion one Crayon Shin-chan episode, Misae imagines herself with hugely enlarged breasts. So she uses a pump to inflate her chest in the beach episode, and handily attracts a gaggle of boys. Also, all of the girls get pretty damn big when they transform. In the newer Dirty Pair series, Breasts expansion Pair FlashKei's transformation scene sometimes includes her breasts doubling in size and ripping through her shirt. In Fairy TailBrandish has the ability to alter the size of almost everything.

She uses it on Lucy's breasts for fun. At first Brandish shrinks her breasts, but then swells them up to becoming the biggest bust in the entire series Which is really saying something giving Lucy some very understandable D-Cup Distress. Fortunately for Lucy, Brandish only does this for about a second. Chapter 4 in the manga Franken Fran featured the titular character an insane Body Horror plastic surgeon-cum- Frankenstein's Monster passing out free cosmetic surgery to some kids at a school that yields almost instant with no recovery period.

Besides odd instances like a couple who wanted to be stitched together, or having a love message drilled into your teeth, one girl apparently asked for breast implants twice as big as her torso! The terms "overcompensation" and "something to prove" comes to mind. Hilariously enough, she calls out the other students for the procedures they had done on them, saying that they "lack restraint" and the kicker being that compared to most of the students she's right.

The Gag Dub of Ghost Stories subverts this trope. Satsuki tries to get a wish granting ghost to give her "huge boobs", but does it wrong so it doesn't happen. In Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sorathe flat-chested girl Tenka Morooka gets this unwillingly at the end of chapter 3. At first she doesn't want "them" because they are "heavy"but in the end she decides to keep them. Grenadier had one episode where the enormously well-endowed main character's flat-chested cohort, Mikan, puts on a pair of big inflatable breasts, ostensibly to show off for her friend it appears.

Subversion : Once, Makoto of Hell Teacher Nube stole a bag of magical dust from a benevolent youkai — dust with the power to make anything grow. Among the many scenes of carnage such as extending Nube's prodigious eyebrows down to his breasts expansion, or causing Noriko's cute crown of flowers to completely engulf her, Miki sprinkled this dust on Kyoko's chest.

It inflated In fact that one time it's used, it's inverted. Turns out Issei can borrow power from Rias, but the process makes her boobs shrink. Issei is horrified, but they grow back when she sleeps. This is later played straight in a realistic manner concerning Asia, who in the year she has been a devil, has grown to equal Xenovia and Irina in the bust department.

According to Ravel, this is due to a combination of demon physiology, demonic power, and her own desires to have Issei see her attractive. It's hinted Ravel might just be overthinking itAsia's at a the right age and the series covers enough time for a perfectly normal frontward growth spurt. Jungle de Ikou! Unfortunately it also unleashes a demon bent on destroying mankind Episode nine of Kamen no Maid Guy features an entire restaurant which hires only busty girls so the waitresses can use their assets to distract the predominantly male customer base from noticing the horrible food.

Nekka, the main heroine, is sent in to "investigate" by her flat-chested friends because they feel their restaurant is being "outgunned". It turns out that all the waitresses have had boob jobs, while the manager is a flat chested girl who's been padding to a ridiculous extent the whole time.

In Last Period episode 9, Android Sonya's breasts increase in size over the course of the episode. When she is defeated at breasts expansion end, they explode, a reference to the the Samsung Galaxy phone's problem with exploding batteries. Magical Canan 's protagonist Chihaya has a mild issue on her small bust. When she transforms into her alter ego, Magical Girl Carmine, the camera intently zooms on how she grows her breasts and butt's sizes.

They shrink back when she turns to normal. Naturally, one of the panels during said sequence focused on the character's breasts that had grown to large proportions. The second episode of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi had Sasshi defeat the final boss by using a magic talisman that Arumi bought, which turned out to be used for breast expansion - the boss's chest swelled up so much it exploded. It should be noted that this was breasts expansion giant monstrous skeleton in armor.

In the anime Magical Warfarein the first episode Isoshima's breasts grow due to magic powers. Mahoromatic : Mahoro is fairly insecure about her relatively small bust. She's, therefore, understandably upset in the dream sequence episode where her breast enhancement breasts expansion works on Minawa, Shikijoand even the male Suguru, but not on her.

In the manga Manyu Hikenchothe story is set in a fictional fantasy world where breast size determines a woman's worth and position in society : small breasted women are outcasts and well endowed women are showered with wealth and power. In effect, Buxom Is Better taken literally. The main character, a ninja named Chifusa, is a "thief" who steals breast size from busty girls to add to her own and gives advice to flat chested girls on how to increase their bust size, in someways being a "robin hood" of breasts. Interestingly, Chifusa herself hates having large breasts due to them often giving her unwanted attention, so she views her ever growing bust as more a curse than blessing.

Eventually there is an entire episode dedicated to Inverting this trope when Chifusa's breasts get so incredibly huge she can barely stand let alone fight, though even after she succeeds in shrinking her breasts she still ends up by with far the biggest bust in the show by the end.

Yuki the Ice Spirit from Master Of Mosquiton gets a transformation sequence where her breasts literally inflate like balloons when she turns from a Token Mini-Moe into a buxom hottie. A rare non-human example happened in Mazinger Z. Kouji thought replacing Aphrodite A's Torpedo Tits for bigger missiles would help to defeat it. It Makes Sense in Context. Discussed in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. According to Tohru, Ilulu's Gag Boobs are a result of her poor transformation skills, and they would get even bigger were she to relax what little control she had.

In Breasts expansion Musume Female minotaurs, whom already have huge breasts, can have their breasts become painfully swollen and even larger if they're not milked regularly. We see the aftermath of this with Cathyl whose breasts have become massive since her boyfriend hasn't been available to milk her. A breast inflation spell has been used twice in Negima!

Magister Negi Magi. The are always a hilarious fail: In one example, Asuna gets in an argument with some other girls over breast size. To help her along, Negi enhances Asuna's breasts by using a spell to make her swim-suit inflate like a balloon. At first Asuna happily belittles a snooty blonde girl who was making fun of her, but then the spell backfires and she overinflates, causing the chest area of her suit to explode.

In the other Anya and Nodoka attempt to inflate their breasts through sorcery, ends with them humiliating themselves in front of their classmates by overinflating and floating away like balloons. However, Makie manages to mildly inflate her chest and drain Yuuna's A Drama CD involving Yue and her Ariadne friends has them point out how flat-chested Yue is and they offer to help her by using this spell. Of course it fails.

At the end of the story, Nodoka's breasts have started to grow as a result of being in low gravity. In the manga Okitsune sama de Chu a cow demon possesses a girl and causes her breasts to grow from flat to about the size of her head. They eventually grow to almost fill a room. Even when the demon is removed, she keeps some of the expansion.

It happens a few more times throughout the series. In the Transformation-tastic episode of Onegai My Melodya skinny underdeveloped girl uses kinda' dark magic to steal other girls' physical features. Aside from stealing one girl's face, and a leggy Tomboy 's legs, she also steals a busty blonde's chest size, and some hips. By the time she's done, no one who knew her before even recognized her.

Her plan falls apart when she gets greedy, causing the spell to go haywire when she tries to take on too many enhancements at once. This is episode 24 season 1, in case you are "interested". When the episode was finally aired in the West, the scenes featuring this were cut. In Puni Puni Poemy : One episode sees some of the characters including the Token Mini-Moe imagine what they would do with the titular character's magic powers While the girl with Gag Boobs pulls the inverse, imagining a world where she's finally flat and free of back pain.

In Queen's Bladethe character Melona ironic name can fire corrosive liquid from her breasts as an attack.

Breasts expansion

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