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Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

How to attack other players? In Boom Beach, you can only attack islands that are visible on the map. The game does not have the "Find an opponent" function. You will meet with other players, who are called mercenaries of the Guardians of Darkness, while moving on the map or during attacks on your territory. Opponents are selected from the list of players with the same of victory points. This ensures that you will fight with players about your level. The liberation of each island will bring you victory points. And liberated residents in gratitude will give you some gold.

When freeing the island, remember that the forces of evil will wish to return it, and you may have to send troops back there. After all, the Guardians of Darkness are not asleep! Stylish guys, by the way. Having liberated all the islands, you can either wait until the Guardians of Darkness strike back, or you can improve the radar yourself and discover new lands. The attack will cost you a certain amount of gold, while the cost of the attack will increase with the increase of your level. What is gold for? Ways of use depend on your level in the game.

At first, gold will be needed for training the troops, for exploring new sites on the map, and also for attacking the Guardians of Darkness. In addition, after the submarine is opened at the 9th headquarters levelyou can send it in search of sunken treasure for gold! How does gunboat work? Gunboat is one of the most important weapons in a battle. It provides fire support and carries equipment. Depending on its level, you can choose one of the types of charge: artillery, flare, first-aid kit, shock projectile, fire squall, smoke screen and critters.

The gunboat has a certain firepower, information about which can be seen by touching the small information button. After each use of the gun, the amount of firepower decreases. The small icon of the selected item indicates how much firepower the item uses. Remember that for each destroyed building you get 3 points of firepower. You need to think strategically! After that, the firepower of the gunboat will increase.

Everything you need to know about paratroopers. Here are some useful information about your landing craft! Unlocking new sites. To explore new zones in the archipelago, upgrade the radar, and then open up the zones around you, paying for gold clouds to disperse the clouds. Warning: if you break up a lot of clouds and decide to improve your radar again, not all clouds at the level will be available.

In order for new zones to appear, you will have to first disperse other available clouds. How do I move buildings? To move a building, tap it. You can easily change the layout of the base by dragging one building to another: they will simply swap places! It works both on the main base and on the extractive base. How to get more experience points XP? You can gain experience points by increasing the level of troops in the armory or creating buildings and conducting improvements. Click on the blue circle in the upper left corner of the screen to see how many experience points you have and how many you need to score to go to the next level.

In order to increase the level of headquarters, you need a certain amount of experience points. This is done because we want a uniform development of the headquarters, other buildings and player troops, because the opposite will negatively affect the gameplay. Map cleared - what next? Release all the islands is not so easy! Now or improve the radar, or scatter the new clouds and find new opponents so that your troops do not get bored, celebrating a great victory. You can also the task force and boom beach statue cheat the Guardians of Darkness together!

And also remember that Lieutenant Hammerman and his evil hangers-on are not asleep and will certainly try to win back the bravely liberated islands. This may take some time, but soon the Guardians of Darkness will attack your territory again. How to train troops? Tap the paratrooper ship and click the "Add squad" button.

Choose the type of squad you want to train, or add to the group that has thinned out in battle. Select the type of squad you want to train for example: The mountain trains the shooter boom beach statue cheat. You can also train all troops by touching the gray troops icon on the right side of the screen.

If you want to change troops, tap the gun, then select the add button and then "change troops. In order to strengthen the troops, you need to go into the armory and improve their weapons. How to manage the troops in battle? To control the troops in two ways: choosing a place for disembarkation and aling rockets. When you touch the coast to which you want to send a paratrooper, the landing place is marked with a flag. Leaving the paratrooper, the troops will approach the flag, and then attack the nearest target.

The al rocket will be available on the cannon after the first headquarters upgrade. Boom beach statue cheat troops will move to the al rocket while it is burning, and will attack the building marked by it. Remember that a flare is more important than a flag. If you launch a rocket before the troops reach the flag on the coast, they will forget about the flag and move to the rocket in the shortest way - this can lead them straight to a minefield. The right time is our everything! How to improve the troops? To improve the troops, guns and guns mines you need a weapon.

It will open at the 4th headquarters level. All improvements will remain forever, so choose wisely. The PvP opponents selection system is mainly based on the of victory points. Depending on the of victory points, the system will also take into the level of headquarters while searching for another player to fight. This double selection system changes as you progress through the game:. And NPC opponents just get stronger as you go. But it will bring you more "buns".

Also remember that the of opponents on the archipelago is limited. Their depends on the level of the radar. As soon as the reaches the limit, you will have to defeat any of the existing opponents before you can be attacked by new ones. If there are many NPC bases on the map, you will most likely be offered PvP invasion, and vice versa. So that you do not miss, the game regularly looks for new opponents to you. There are two types of opponents:. Each radar level has a specific coverage area. This means that if there are a certain of opponents NPC and PVP on the archipelago map, the game will not allow sending new opponents.

Below you can see the scale of coverage corresponding to different levels of the radar:. Like most games, Boom Beach becomes more difficult as you progress. And over time you get to the point where it seems that you are stuck. The game was deed to find rivals that match your level. That is, you usually deal with an opponent whose base has about the same of victory points as yours. Accordingly, the more you earn victory boom beach statue cheat, the more powerful opponents you will come across.

The range of victory points is chosen so that you can have many opponents. Sometimes you can face a strong opponent, but on your map there is always someone you can beat. Also remember that some time after the appearance of the enemy on the map, the "Find another enemy" function will appear. If your base will be defeated by other players, the of victory points will decrease, and you will be given easier opponents. In Boom Beach, the strategy of the game is very important. You have to think carefully about what will be more correct and when: what should be the next move, what improvement of the building you need now, when to collect the OP and OG rewards, and so on.

To make it easier to understand which strategies and troops work best, we recommend that you look at the YouTube channel. A businesswoman visits your base once a week. She left a buoy in the water area of your base so you can know when she will sail again. Despite the fact that the boxes of the Businesswoman are the only source of hero tokens, they also contain randomly selected resources. While the Businesswoman is in your port, you will see three offers from her. On her next visit, the offers will be updated, so do not miss them!

Box Businesswoman. The Businesswoman box is the only source of hero tokens. The box of the Businesswoman is purchased for coupons, which can be found in the box with supplies, among daily rewards, as well as in the proposals of the Businesswoman. You will receive the first box of the Businesswoman free of charge. Three weekly deals. Each week, the Businesswoman will bring three additional offers, the same for all players.

How can I complain about the database? Click on the "Report" button on the of a specific database and fill out the form that appears. Do I rely on any game resources for testing the base? No, that would be unfair. If the base is chosen and it appears in the game, other users will be able to attack it and receive resources as a reward for winning. Why are the frames in the gallery painted in different colors? Silver frame means that the base has not yet been selected for inclusion in the game. Do not forget to vote for her!

When the base is selected for inclusion in the game, the frame color changes to gold. After that, the base will be in the hall of fame. A black frame indicates a base that has not yet been published. What will I get if my base is selected for inclusion in boom beach statue cheat game? An occasion to boast, fame and love of members of the community Something like that.

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Boom beach statue cheat

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