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Released August 21, Download on Nutaku. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals. Your name is Noah. Your best friend is setting you up on a blind date, so maybe you can use this time to finally make your move! The night begins with drinks and a dip in the hot tub. Play your game of social manipulation correctly, and things may just get kinky! Steal his woman right from under him! If you seduced your blind date, you can enjoy some kinky sex with a world famous super model! The perfect end to a perfect night!

Time to go home and jerk off to anime in crushing loneliness! There is a lesbian ending included. The story is only ten minutes long. The real fun comes from replaying the story with different decisions to see all the sex scenes.

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Blind Date 3D Big Bang is essentially a visual novel. Although your character can freely move around the house, you can only move a few feet in any direction. The character movement is completely unnecessary. If this game was created in the Renpy visual novel maker, absolutely nothing would change. Will you walk toward your best friend? Or your blind date? Regardless, it could have easily been a multiple choice menu, and nothing would have changed. Each ending unlocks new outfits for the characters. A huge problem with this game is that you practically need a walkthrough to unlock most endings.

One bad decision will render all the rest of your decisions meaningless.

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If you anger your best friend and wife at the same time, that will stop you from achieving the majority of endings in the game. You cannot save the game. Either sit through a full 20 minute playthrough, or your progress is lost. The art consists of 3D visuals and 3D animations.

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Its likely they were created in the Daz3D engine, but they could be original creations. Faces are usually expressionless with far too much shine on them from unknown locations. Animations are not bad, but not exceptional either. Sometimes the animation loop looks annoyingly choppy. For example, during segments with dialog, character sprites sway from right to left. At the end of that animation, they immediately reset to a center position to restart the loop.

It takes you out of the moment. Very off-putting. The graphics are also poorly optimized. Unless you run the latest hardware, this game will have an incredibly low framerate. If you find a way to fix the game, leave your comment below. Sound effects are extremely minimal. Even during sex scenes, there was only background music with no sex noises.

Nearly all of the game has one soundtrack. There is little to say, because the song loops before it evokes any emotion. The repetitive guitar strums made me want to mute the game. As for sex scenes, they have slightly more upbeat music, but nothing worth mentioning. The lewd content blind date 3d big bang this game is fully uncensored and damn hot! Each sex scene offers 6 different positions and 3 different speeds for your thrusting. The animations work, but are short loops with expressionless faces.

The textbox also disappears when the animations start. You switch from textual stimulation to pure visual stimulation. Or, you can push them closer together, and jerk off knowing that your friend is fucking the woman you love! Blind Date 3D Big Bang is a unique seduction game for its focus on stealing a hot wife.

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The visuals are professional and the story straightforward. If you like cheating wives, also check out our review for Please Bang My Wife! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. Overall 1. Views: 1, Related Posts.

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Blind date 3d big bang

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Blind Date 3d Big Bang