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Firstly, what is NTR in manhwa? But when he meets a beautiful young girl, his life changes. But is it for good? Drug Candy is one of the most disturbing yet fantastic NTR webtoons out there. Through a series of incidents, Junie decides to take revenge on her family. Queen Bee has lots of NTR scenes as its plot is already implicating it. The art was good for like 90 chapters, but from there, it goes to the next level, so is the storyline.

Si-Yeon is a neglected wife as her husband is busy. But best netorare surprise is waiting for her. To start off, the art in this manhwa is gorgeous. Although it contains a few violent and disturbing scenes, it has a lot of cheating, as well as some heartwarming moments. But he still holds feelings for her and another girl, Da Boyoung. This NTR manhwa features cheating with sister-in-lawand you bet it has too many of those scenes. Daeho has been living with his aunt since his parents passed away.

Probably, this one is what you call a sweet NTR manhwa. It is a really good NTR manhwa to read. Seok-Oh lost his mother a few years ago, and his father brought a busty stepmother to his home. Later on, he gathers the people and kidnaps her to redeem herself. Mingu finally entered his college life after spending all his years in all-boys high school.

Well, you know, the real NTR show is about to begin. The artwork is great, and the female characters are extremely hot in this one. Jang-Mi and Taebong have been friends for 15 years, and they both hold feelings for each other. But everything changes a single night. What actually happened that night? Moreover, did he come to get revenge on her? The artwork is good, and the characters are pretty hot as well. At least, not after he has become too close to a girl named Mia. My Kingdom is a kind of manhwa that reels you in with a good plot and later entertains you with lots of cheating scenes.

Taegyu has drowned in a pool of debts, and he had no way of paying them. Then comes his best friend by making a deal with him: Sell his beautiful wife, Seoyeon, for a month. I mean, even the people with little interest in NTR will get disturbed. But if you really like NTR manhwa regardless of how best netorare it gets, try it. The story is about a neglected housewife who finds herself in a sticky situation. It all begins when she starts tutoring a handsome young man.

But can she get away by cheating two men at once? Or will she find a way even in this situation? Overall, it is a great NTR manhwa with an excellent plot. But he only cares about promotion, and because of that, Naeyeon ends up making out with Dongcheol. But is it going to end just like that? Run Away is a wonderful drama filled with love, hate, and suspense. The MC and his wife are having financial issues, and just then, his senior asks him to send his wife for a pose for his manga art.

But what if she does more than just posing? This NTR manhwa is not for the faint-hearted because the story takes turns for the worse. The FMC is born with a perfect ability: to lure and satisfy any man. With her ability, she decides to help those in need, and in return, she would get to have pleasure as well.

Just like Queen Bee, you have an ugly old man who bangs young girls quite often. But will her life be okay from now on? Jung Hoon is a freelance novelist, and he recently got married. Then he meets Eunjoothe girl who lives next door. Soothe Me is literally the best NTR manhwa out there without much disturbing plot. NTR manhwa rarely gets this much interesting. Kayle initiates a fake divorce to avoid creditors from bothering her wife. For that, he even makes sure his best friend act as a new boyfriend.

But what if things get out of hand? Sweet Guilty Love might seem like a normal NTR manhwa in the beginning, but best netorare gets pretty rough and disturbing in the latter chapters. Nate and Emily a swapping club at their work, and soon they both begin to grow distant from each other. Ji Hyunwoo is a pathetic man, and finally, he gets a chance to change his life once and for all. He needs to a contract with a rich woman but is his life really getting better?

Read at your own risk. For instance, you have read ten of these manhwas, and I bet there are more than half with this theme. So, it is not hard to find one but finding a good one with a story and scenes is important. What do you think about our list? Do you have any other manhwa on best netorare mind? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Visit the anime community of India- Anime Ukiyo for more content! Founder of Anime Best netorare. Loves Anime and in the process of loving it more, I ended up creating this amazing website.

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Best netorare

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