Being one episode 5 walkthrough

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We thought we had seen the last of Being One. But here he is again puzzling his was through another mysterious space station. Here though, the stakes are higher: It's a race against time to cure himself of the disease he's been infected with, battle the station's other inhabitants, and move one step closer to his revenge.

But nothing is as it seems in Being One: Episode 5 - Infectionthe newest in Psionic's series of horror adventure games. As in installments, Being One: Episode Five is very much a cross genre work. The framework is point and click adventure, where you use the mouse to examine and pick up items from around the station. Your inventory, accessible in the upper-right corner of the screen, has a of tools you'll use in your investigation: a microscope for examining biological samples, an autohacker used to access terminals around the station, a multi-tool for disassembling mechanical devices, and, of course, a gun for use on any hostile creatures.

These tools will often prompt minigames of all different kinds: shooterarcadepuzzleand so forth, all controlled with the mouse.

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The story is told through datap and evidence collected hidden-object style around the station, and the plot is sure to leave you twisted. Franchises that release new installments several years after a supposed finale are usually met with skepticism. We're looking at you, Indiana Jones. Fortunately, Being One had enough dangling plot lines and questions that the transition to a new episodic is relatively seamless.

It may be a little convenient that the first place Being One being one episode 5 walkthrough to after his escape is another atmospheric space station, but let's face it, it's good atmosphere, and it'd be weird if this game took place on a farm or something. The graphics are as gorily beautiful as ever, with some CGI bits that are almost aggressive in their "check out what our animators can do! The game could have used a little more hand-holding, especially in the use of your new inventory devices. There is a logic behind all of them that is satisfying to discover for yourself, but it's hard to do that when bullets start flying.

Also, the game ends rather suddenly, which is good in the sense that an Episode 6 must certainly be in development, but man, let's hope we don't have to wait another three years. All in all, though, fans of the series and of scifi horror in general will be happy to spend a little more time in the skin of Being One, and will definitely be eager for more. You start out in an avoidance mini-game. You cannot die, presumably, the less you're hit, the higher your score. Posted by: Kyh May 25, PM. Now, three full years after a series that normally only had a couple months apart, they announce that they aren't, in fact, done?

I am thrilled. I had to use the walk through on the "difference game". Unfortunately, the four digit for the lift does not work. Sorry about that 4red3s. Going back to the game, it looks like the code for each Difference Engine is randomized, so I'll edit my walkthrough. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I've played all the Being One games up through 4, and the first one is still my favorite. Mainly this is because it's not so shootery and reflex-oriented :.

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I'm not sure if I want to play this since I tend to get frustrated with games I'm terrible at, but idk. I'd like to know the story, so maybe. I wish there was a way to bypass the firewall minigame. The second round is impossible. It's getting to the point where I don't really care enough to keep trying. It's a terrible touch to an otherwise really good game. I really love this series. It is "believable", if you will, and the graphics are very high quality. The plot grows deeper and deeper as you progress being one episode 5 walkthrough all 5 in the series, and I like the occasional gun fights thrown yo keep you engaged.

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Submit your game now and we might release it in home. Use our game submission form. Check us back often! We add new games every day and only the best games! Free online and mobile games. Currently 4. Platform: Flash : adventurebeingonebrowserescapeflashfreegamehiddenobjecthorrorlinuxmacminigamespointandclickpsionicrating-rscifiwindows. Comments 11 Views 17, Play the entire Being One series :. Walkthrough Guide Please allow to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. MK 2 Multi-Pistol: in Security after defeating the gunbots.

The Layout: from the map on the table in the sleeping quarters. Nanobots: after examining the remains of a second nanoslave. Venus: from listening to the message on the Quantum Relay about someone afloat in space. Rycroft's Theory: from the terminal in lab 4. Nanoslaves: from the datapad in lab 5. Weston Carnodyne: from the manifest on the boxes in storage.

The Teleporter: from the terminal in lab 4. On the walkway in front of the lift. Next to the skeleton in the living quarters. On the ground next to the pod in lab 2. On the ground in lab 4. Next to the pod in lab 5. On the ground in storage. On the ground to the left in maintenance. Next to the overturned chair.

Two above the security door after the focusing mini-game. Above the door in security.

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To the left of the lift. Above the quantum relay to the right in the living quarters. On the ceiling in the labs. Above the maintenance door in storage. On the ceiling in maintenance. Above the switch on the wall in the freezer. On the middle pillar in the computer room.

Being one episode 5 walkthrough

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