A town uncovered walkthrough

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Thank you so much, this is enough to get me through lunch or dinner! About GeeSeki. This is an adventure dating-sim visual novel with many branching dialogue options that have consequences attached to them. You play as a student in a new town. It's only naturally for such a curious, energetic young man to meet new faces, form close relationships, and downright have some bangin' good fun.

During your stay, you discover a mysterious phenomenon with the town, a parallel universe one may say. A world where sex is so acceptable, it'd be as free as eating. Sounds too good to be true, right? There is a catch The game is currently in the alpha stage and there is a ton yet to be added and improved on. Currently, a new update will only be released when a milestone has been hit in development, usually finishing off a character's story or having plenty of progression in other areas.

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A town uncovered walkthrough

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